I need help with my camera, please.

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I need help choosing a camera, please help?

Hi :) So, here's my problem. I had a digital camera that was decent (for pictures and videos) but, I broke it -__- So last Christmas my parents bought me a camera. Sad thing is, they know NOTHING about cameras. I now own a dinky little Kodak that has the artistic ability of a blind cow (weird analogy..) So here's what I was thinking: I want to upgrade my camera. I've wanted an SLR camera FOREVER. Should I save up my money for one? Because I make videos and take pictures. Or.. should I just get a...


If you really want to do videos more, get a digital video camera. If you think you can handle a dSLR...

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My camera's memory card won't reformat. Please help I need to use it today!!?

Alright I have a olympus camera. The memory card is fujifilm XD 256mb This is what happened I had my memory card in my camera "SAFE" A friend that was staying with me put it in her camera and now that she moved out I can't delete any photo...


xD card sliders are usually on the back of the card. You should never switch cards between cameras without...

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I need help putting pictures from my Computer TO my Camera!!! PLEASE HELP?

Okay, so I am burning pictures at a store to put in a really nice scrapbook for my friend for her party today because she is moving soon and I really want her to have pictures of all her friends back home when she is gone. Anywho, I have pictures I uploaded...


Go spend $10 or so at BestBuy or Fry's, and get an SDHC USB card reader. Plug that into your computer...

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Need to buy a Camera .. Please help!!?

Hi, I am planning to buy a new Semi SLR kinda Camera ...i already have a standard type of digi cam but i am looking for more features ... I am a beginner and have off late started traveling a lot ... generally i would use the camera to click snaps of...


An ultra zoom like the Sony DSC H-50 will not shoot as fast or as crisp as an SLR. The other thing is...

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Which Camera is better for me to buy??? please, need help asap!!!?

hey, im buying on Ebay and im trying to pick out the right camera for a good price. all items listed are used and in good to great condition. what would be the smarter choice... they all either come with something different or have different specs.....


A bit of advice,NEVER buy a used camera

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I need a reallt good slogan for a camera please help!!?

I'm in an adversting class and we are doing this project were we have to make up and market a idea. I'm doing a top of the line digital camera. one of those thin, point and shoot camera. the name of my camera is the phenoix and i'm in need of a slogan...


First off, you'll want to edit your sales pitch. Remember capitalization and for goodness sake - USE...

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Need my Digital Camera Repairing - please help! full points!?

I live in Torbay in the UK, and am in desperate need of some help regarding my digital camera. it wont switch on, and the lense is remaining open and wont close. ive tried charging the battery but nothing is happeneing in the slightest. Does anyone no...


Start with a shop that sells cameras. I have found that is is cheaper to replace the thing then to repair...

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HELP. Need camera help. Please answer?

I have been looking for a camera, a dslr. And Nothing seem's to be the right camera. I went to best buy and tried out this one, and fell in love on spot. But it;s out of my price range. My price range is about 300$. mabye a little over. I wanna be able...


You're not going to find any dslr in that price range unless it's used from ebay - and buying there...

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I need help pricing this camera bundle? please read/skim all the way through.?

I purchased a camera bundle on ebay about 2/3 years ago maybe.. im not sure exactly but i havent used it all too often. All the items all together wer purchased for $800 which is what the camera itself is worth so i got a pretty good deal. Between then...


The camera if broken shouldn't cost more than a hundred dollars, even if it had all of those accessories...

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Camera help... please, please help! I need to know if I should purchase this camera??

I'm great at taking pictures learning lighting and I'm going to start taking my own pictures for the models wearing my clothing for my online clothing store and I want to know if this camera will do the job... I just need great quality pictures...That...


Yes, this camera (with an appropriate lens) will do the job, but you also need to know that it's just...

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