I want a good video camera! Suggestions.

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What is your definition of "not too expensive?" Check out the Vixia HF R21

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I want a video camera, but I want one that's under $200 dollars any suggestions?

It can be any type big or little, but i would like it to be a newer model.


Samsung HMX-W200 Waterproof HD Recording with 2.4-inch LCD Screen Product Features 5 MP BSI CMOS Image...

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Good video camera?? any suggestions?

so im getting a new camcorder/video camera (idk wat the difference is) anyways, i want one that is good quality, and i can hook up to my computer for editing. My price range is up to $300. any suggestions? Also, what are some good editing programs and...


Aiptek Go-HD It's about $117.60 with free shipping at Amazon.com. http://www.amazon.com/Aiptek-GO-HD...

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Picking a new compact video camera

I have a Canon PowerShot G10 taking great pictures and VGA-resolution videos. I'm now looking for a video camera that will allow me to capture videos in HD. Any ideas? There are a few video projects I have. One of them is to document my one-year stay...


Canon's camcorders are excellent. A friend, who normally shoots with the Sony Z1 or the Panasonic HVX...

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Camera Recommendations for Video Blogging?

I've heard really good things about the Canon T3i but I'm not a fan of the bulk. Does anyone have other camera reccs (good with video) that offer a full swivel LCD screen? I'm considering testing out video blogging for conferences and various firm visits...


I have no idea why you'd want a swivel LCD screen. I'm a video professional and I hate those things...

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Video camera/normal camera search help?

I've been looking for a good quality video camera for the past few months now. I haven't ever made a major investment in a camera before, so I'm totally new to the market. I've been looking for something that can first and foremost shoot 1080p HD video...


Still cameras and video cameras have conflicting requirements for quality, so you cannot have a camera...

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Good Digital Video Camera around $200?

I have a Digital Camera that takes video but it doesn't take audio, so I was wondering what the best Digital Video Camera would be for around $200. Any suggestions? I am not looking for a Digital Camera. Just a VIDEO camera. Or camcorder. I don't really...


Canon makes a few mini-dv cameras around that price range. Canon makes excellent cameras, no matter...

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Digital camera & video help, please!?

I recently got a Kodak Z5010 camera (Yes, I know there are better cameras, I have one. But, I wanted something that wasn't too expensive or too big that I can just toss in my purse & not worry if it gets trashed or not - NOT that I want it getting...


2) Kindle Fire uses MP4 format. Not sure if others are supported, but I've converted some video files...

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What is a good portable video camera for business use?

My company is having me take on A/V duties, and with these A/V duties they have put me in charge of finding the best affordable video camera. My co-workers right now are recording video through their digital cameras or cell phones. There is no shaky...


A Flip is a good video camera. And I am pretty sure they are cheaper than a regular camera. They have...

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Looking for an affordable HD video camera, any suggestions?

I want to get into making stock footage & timelapse videos, but have no clue of what camcorder/video camera to use. Though I have an iPad 2 and I use that to make videos(and happy since it's the only HD video camera in the house), it's not exactly...


Take a look at Canon 550D. It's called the Canon Rebel T2i in the US. It has an 18 mega pixel sensor...

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