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Ideas for a high school web show?

Can anyone help me with some ideas for a web show? My house school has a film class and the advance one makes a web show for the school. This will be our third year doing it and i'm finally get to be in that class! We've made a mockumentary and than just a show about high school students, and the school newspaper. I'm soo bad with coming up with idea's, and we all have to have some ideaqs and share it and choose the best one. The only thing i can come up with is kind of like a freaks and geeks time...


_have a talent show - interview people and ask random questions like do they like cheese etc. - have...

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Looking for ideas for a presentation on Web 2.0 and new web apps for teachers

What should I include in a presentation about new internet technology and digital media in the classroom to a group of high school teachers? I have volunteered to run two different sessions at my schools PD day tomorrow. I have a general list of topics...


Wikis. And not just wikipedia but the idea of students contributing to a class wide wiki. This is easly...

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Name ideas for web show?

So my friend and I want to start a web show when school ends (3 weeks). My name is Briana and my friend's name is Sarron (Sha-ron). It'll be for advice. Any ideas? Thanks!


the B.S. show lol!

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Any ideas for a funny, random web show ideas?

My friend and I are doing a web show called Sensational on youtube. We already have a few ideas: Random interviews Random debates Crazy fashion show Blind Makeovers Do you have more


Prank Calls See who can drink most mountain dew record you guys going out to walmart at 2 am <333

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Do you have any ideas for a high school home school project?

I am a high school student and I am homeschooled. I use a home school that sends me only one subject at a time so to put hours in my school day I do extra projects and reports. Do you more


Cool Science projects: Home Schooling Math Ideas: http:...

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School Talent Show Help & Ideas Please!?

At my school, we're having a school talent show in aid of Comic Relief. Apparently, I'm funny, and I'm being told to do a small stand-up section by my friends and teachers. However, I've found that the material I've already written is a bit strong for...


Since it's a school talent show, take advantage of your setting: school. Poke fun at some of the teachers...

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What are some ideas for a high school senior project that involves aviation/becoming a pilot. Any ideas?

I am doing a high school senior project and I need some ideas. I want to do it on something that has to do with aviation because I want to be a pilot. If no one can think of more


Don't fool around....just sign up for flight training and take the written test for your pilot's license...

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I need some suggestions or creative ideas for a high school talk show/sitcom type show that will air on public television stations. We want the show to seem less 'staged' than regular high school newscast programs. More 'trendy', I guess. I am in search...


Check these links:…

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Does anybody have ideas for an investor for a web show?

I have great ideas for web shows, but all I have is a $150 digital camera, 3-4 members of a team, and minimal experience with animation and special effects, and I do not want my videos to look homemade, because I want a decent amount of viewers. I would...


Actually keep your web show simple, informative and fun. You really would want to use an interactive...

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I need an interesting song to dance to for my school's variety show. Any ideas?

Last year, I danced on pointe for the variety show at my high school (it's a talent show without a winner), and the teacher who manages the show loved it. He asked me all last semester and again today if I would audition again. I wasn't really considering...


Musicals Moon River—Breakfast at Tiffany Chattanooga Choo Choo—Sun Valley Serenade Raindrops...

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