In what websites can I convert a video into pictures?

Let’s learn in what websites can I convert a video into pictures. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Any good websites that convert video files to gif pictures?

I tried but I don't like the pic size.


you can use iPhone Video Converter,Use this you can convert videos, audios and images to your iPhone...

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How or who can I convert vhs tape, video from digital camera, pictures from myspace & camera & convert to DVd?

I was told by Bartells Drug store that I could send My pics from Pc via email to bartells, bring in my vhs tape, & chip from my camera that recorded a short video with sound, & they could send it out & convert it into a DVD or consolidate...


You may use the best software I have seen AVS Video Tools. It can convert to/from all key format, upload...

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Are there any websites where I can convert video from youtube into a video on my iPod?

I know how to convert from youtube to sound mp3 file, but what about playable video file?


iPod supports mp4 or H.264 video formats. You could use zamzar that is online converter.

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Also please if you know what I need to type in order to create perfect hi resolutions pictures on these website please share the information with me


I think you're misinformed. Taking a standard .jpg picture of say, 125 Kb in size, and converting it...

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Convert video file to sequentially numbered pictures?

Here is my problem. I am doing a final project which tracks images as they pass a camera using Kalman Filtering and Background subtraction. The program is written in Matlab and takes sequentially numbered images (i.e. pic001.jpg, pic001.jpg) and records...


You may try this Video Converter Platinum, I always use it to convert video to gif image for editing...

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Does anyone knows a good websites with anime or video games pictures?

I'm wondering if there's more sites like DeviantArt, Wallbase, Zerochan etc. I sure would love to find more wallpapers and pictures of video games and animes. Do you know more


I have been referring "colors!" website left and right today. Gallery of fan made art! Jolie...

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How to burn a wmv video to a CD-R?

SORR ITS LONG BUT I NEED HELP ASAP plzz readd.... I made a video on windows movie maker, and then when I saved it into my computer it saved as WMV, and it played perfectly in windows media player. I though that I could just burn it like burning songs...


Aunsoft Video Converter helps you convert between various formats. It is the must-have conversion tool...

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Pentium II 350mhz video/audio out of synch playback ?

i'm doing some experiments with my ancient computer playing video files. surprisingly it plays almost every video file format without problems except for some MP4 files and video streaming files from youtube and other websites using FLV based videos...


not an answer, but I've got the same issue on an old XP machine. I'm looking into it.

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Pictures for a religious music video?

i have to make a religion music video using pictures but i dont know where to find any. does anyone have any websites where i can get pictures to use. kinda similar to pictures used in this video:… thank...


Use the Buddy Christ pic

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