Is it possible for me to get a job as a home health aide?

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It depends on your preferences. There is a huge demand for aides, yet agencies do not always compensate...

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What kind of job can a certified home health aide get at a hospital?

I'm trying to find a better paying job for my mom. She has 10+ yrs of experience under her belt as a home health aide. Any ideas or recommendations are appreciated .


I think you will find about equal pay. Never hurts to look around. Your mother has to do this though...

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If you speak Umbricali or Shvedrek it is simple.

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I am looking for a home health aide job in new york city.?

I am a certified home health aide / personal care aide. I have all the documents now it is to get a job. I am looking to work in any 5 boroughs especially Staten Island ( I am looking to move there in the future)


I know this great agency located in Staten Island. They have immediate placement in all 5 boroughs....

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Need home health care / home aide in NY

Help. Please. (Live-in?) Home Health Care in NY. Really long explanation inside. My parents are in their eighties, dad had a triple bypass in April or so and mom has a whole bunch of problems. Mom was hospitalized (sepsis from a massive UTI) in June...


You may want to contact Visiting Nurse Service of New York, a non-profit agency that provides home health...

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Can you get a job with a Nurse's Aide Diploma?

In 2010 I graduate from my nurse aide program and I have a diploma! So I was wondering if I can get a home health aide job but I didn't pass my written exam but I pass my oral exam! So can that be possible?


It depends on what state you live in. In Florida, no. My mother in law is a nurse, brother in law, and...

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Home health aide requirments?

i want to get a job as a home health aide, not quite sure its for me. Im short, and sometimes need assistant picking up heavy items. I am 22 years old, have a car, and am looking to get into the nursing filed. I feel like this will be a good job for...


Definitely research what to expect with being a H.H.A. Here are some sites.

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How do a Home Health Aide deal with their clients Kids and Family Members?

Im am 19 and i am a home health aide and i have problems with my clients Kids and Family they always get smart and make it like i dont do anything when i do i try my best to do my job more


Explain that you are there for your client, not them. You can always request a different client and...

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Home health care aides?

how long is the training for a home health care aide? while being trained does the individual get paid as well if its on the job training?


Home health aides don't require certification. If you work for an agency they should provide on the...

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