Is online shopping safe or not?

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What are on online shops that are well that are safe Online shopping?

what are on online shops that are well that we all no of,??? and that are safe!?


Amazon Overstock Ebay It all depends on what you're looking to buy. Walmart, Target, and Kmart are others...

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Online shopping, is it safe?

I have never bought anything online before but I'm tempted to buy the 88 palette eyeshadow set from However I want to know how online shopping works like how do they deduct the money from you bank account and if the item is not shipped...


usually it is safe. just check the website or call a number they have to know its real.

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Is it safe to do online shopping?

Can anyone tell me if ebay is safe for online shopping? and what are other safe sites for online shopping?


If your worried about the security of your bank account or credit card then I'd suggest buying a prepay...

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Is online shopping is safe in chennai?

Iam planning to buy a LCD tv through online... is it safe to purchase it online? will I get the product in proper condition? if so, please advice with some gud online shopping websites for chennai..... Thanks in advance....


For small products or products which doesn't need handle care can be bought thro. Online. For example...

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Is online shopping safe? (First Time Online Shopper)?

I was thinking of buying for the time online; but i'm wondering if its safe.. I will be shopping from sites like / / & are those sites trusted?!


that is safe on line,but you need to select the paypal as your payment method,cause the paypal can protect...

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Safe online shopping?

Hello, everyone! I would like to ask if anyone knows any good online shops for clothes, shoes, bags etc. Due to Christmas shopping, I would like to have a look on online stores. Please no spam or virus. Just good, safe websites that would also deliver...


Hey there, I think a site called Outerinner is good: They sell clothes, shoes...

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Online shopping? Is it safe? ?

Is shopping online safe? I know lots of people who do it, but I'm a bit scared. Also, do you have to pay with credit card if you order something online? Can you pay with cash? more


i always online shopping apparel . i always buy items from i feel the price and...

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How safe and convenient is online shopping?

More and more retailers and consumers are turning to e-shopping today. As a typical consumer, i would also like to try online shopping, but i'm afraid i'll just receive defective products or worst, no product at all


If you're buying something for say 5 dollars is okay, but to buy something worth a lot of money, it...

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Shopping online with mobile broadband safe?

is shopping online with mobile broadband safe?


YES. It is 'safe' if that's your only worry. 'cause security breach in your transaction can be caused...

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Is LYNX-INDIA safe for online shopping?

Hello, I want to buy Superlux 668b headphones and they are only available via in India. Just wanted to know if its safe for online shopping. Thank You


Hi, I haven't shopped from this site but I used and they are good at...

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