Is there a limit on the size of a new file or a text file?

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is there a size limit to a text file?

HI All I am creating a log file for our website which will log every log-in by all the users to our orders area. I wish to know if you think its good to enter this log info in just one single file or should this be split up once the log file hits a certain size? My concern is that this file will get rather large over time, but im not certain of the size limit of a text file? thank you


There are limits, but that depends on: The underlying file system (even if the kernel supports large...

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Text file size limit on iPod 30gb?

When I put text files on my iPod (30gb), I can only read a portion of it. What is the maximum number of words or the maximum size file I can view on my iPod in one file?


1000 characters per note. you can get an app some where that extends that though...just google it..try...

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Not sure, but I once uploaded a video that was 4.04GB

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What's a practical limit for Microsoft Outlook 2007 OST file size?

Microsoft suggests that performance impacts can be seen as a data file passes the 2GB and 4GB marks. With ever increasing attachment size, those milestones are eclipsed in the blink of an eye. What would you suggest is a practical limitation on OST file...


With a perfcet OST recovery tool, you can fix Outlook OST corruption issues without any hassle. Kernel...

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Is there a way to limit attachment file size under 1Mb?

Is there a way to limit attachment file size? I know that there is a 5Mb limit but I want it to be 1Mb or less.


The attachment limits are set by the mail service providers, not by the users. Hotmail for example allows...

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How to reduce size of text file?

Besides the ability to compress the text file, is there anyway to reduce the "kb" size from say 500kb to 300kb? I need to put it on my mobile but text editor doesn't accept files past 50 or so kb.


Enter REDUCE SIZE OF TEXT FILE in your web browser and you will bring up several web sites that provide...

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Changing the NTFS file size limit?

I want Windows Media Center to record tv on my Western Digital My Book and it say that its NTFS file size limit is 30min. How can i change that any help would be great. Thanks


The additional info you provided indicates that your file system is FAT32/FAT not NTFS. You can convert...

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Does anyone know what the file size limit is for yahoo mail? I need an 80MB file sent to me. Thx.?

I have a friend who's planning to send me an 80MB .pdf file. Is this too large for yahoo mail? Thanks.


Yes, that is too large. Limit is 10 MB for free account and 20 MB for plus. Free GMail limit is 20 MB...

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E-mail file size limit?

What is the file size limit that I am able to e-mail to someone?


It is basically 10 MB. The All-New mail can now attach up to 25 MB and multiple files at once. There...

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What are the best settings to scan text documents to a minimal file size while keeping them readable on the screen and printable?

The purpose is to submit these documents (in a batch process) via e-mail which is why each A4/letter size scan should not be larger than 150kB. Grayscale only is ok. I was hoping to find a way to compress these texts in a similar way as Adobe Acrobt...


For your batch jobs: do you know ? it can convert to tiff (single or multiple...

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