Is there any way I can get my old MSN account back?

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I cant get back into my msn account, is there a way i can get my contact list?

i lost the password for my msn account. is there a way i can get my contact list? or send an email to my contacts telling them i lost my old account and give them my new email


U knw ur id na thn enter ur msn id nd select forgot password aftr tht it'll ask the security ans wch...

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First of all, no one "hacked" your email account. I guarantee you that you have absolutely...

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My msn account is being used by someone else, how can I get it back, how can I catch them?

My msn account has been used by someone else and they changed the password so I can not log back on. Is there a way to monitor what they do? How can I get my account back? Can I more


No way, create a new account & this time make sure your security question is hard to figure out.

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I can't get into my Hotmail account! Help?!?

Now, I've heard of this little phishing scam going on and I know way better than to click on strange links or send my password away. Whenever I try to sign into my account, I get a notice saying that my password is either incorrect or was guessed too...


It sounds like you've done everything you could. Now you just have to hope that you gave Msn enough...

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Get my Windows Live (MSN) password back?

So someone decided to play Guess My Pass, and they won. They changed my MSN password and now I don't know how to get it back. I tried the Forgot Your Password thing, but I don't know what alternate email I used, I thought it was this one but it's not...


Depends on how important the account is to you. If its pretty important I recommend calling them telling...

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Verify my MSN account?

On my MSN i created it says to use it i have to verify my account by sending an email to my in box, when i try to get to my in box it says i can't go there until i have had it verified. Does anyone know a way round this.


You need a outside email source to check the email from, that's how I verified mine, such as on Outlook...

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How can i get my habbo password sent to this yahoo account without knowing my password ?

i made a habbo account a while back and had lots of stuff on it. but now i try to go on it and i have forgotten the password (been about 2 years). The thing is that i cant get a password reset to my email now because for some reason habbo is not good...


It worked for me when I clicked forgot password and sent an email. Are you sure you have the right email...

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Is there any way to get iChat on a PC?

So my friend has a Mac, and she uses iChat. She doesn't want to get an account on another IM service (gtalk, AIM, MSN, etc.) I have a PC. Is there any way I can get and use iChat from my PC?


I'm fairly certain that iChat is Mac OS only and cannot be used on Windows.

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Hacked msn account please help me?

ok so someone keeps hacking my freinds msn account and sending me a smiley face every time they succeed usually when hes asleep. its happened two days in a row and we think we might know who it is but arent sure, is their any way to set something to...


Just inform everyone that has your email or would receive an email from you about your hacked account...

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