Modern Traditional Chicago Jazz?

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Chicago Jazz?

In German we use the expression 'Chicago Jazz' for the New Orleans type of jazz (old jazz of the 1920s and early 1930s) performed by white musicians. 'Chicago Jazz' more


I don't have an answer, but I'm curious as to what other groups would fall under this category. Also...

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Are the songs 'All That Jazz' (from Chicago) and 'Route 66' actually jazz?

Are either of these songs actually jazz? I need a jazz song for an audition and need to know if they are actually jazz.


"All that Jazz" was written for the Broadway Musical "Chicago"..It references the...

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Best place to see jazz in Chicago?

Just where is the best place to see jazz in Chicago? My Australian father-in-law is coming for a visit to the US for the first time and is a huge jazz fan. My husband and I will be taking him to Chicago. I have never been there myself, and am looking...


The Empty Bottle has a jazz series programmed or curated or somehow overseen by Ken Vandermark every...

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What's a good jazz club in the Chicago area?

The situation: I'm turning 21 on St. Patrick's day. I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and I'm looking to go to a jazz club either that thursday or the friday following. I have a few things that I'm looking for: 1. Real jazz, not smooth jazz or celtic...


The Green Mill

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Any hidden Chicago jazz clubs?

I'm going to be in Chicago for Labor Day weekend, and since that's also Jazz Fest weekend, I'm anticipating huge crowds at all the better-known jazz clubs. I've been trying to google some low-key, hidden jazz clubs, but it's difficult because they're...


The Jazz Festival, in my opinion, is just not as popular as other fests (BluesFest for example). I don...

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What is the best jazz restaurant in Chicago? I would like something w/ great atmosphere. Any suggestions?

I would like a restaurant that plays live jazz. I will be in Chicago in April. On a Thursday through Saturday and I love jazz music. I know I am coming to the heart of jazz music, so I want to make the right choice.


I like Green Dolphin Street…

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Does anybody know of a coffee shop that has live jazz music or jazz events in downtown chicago?

I'm not of legal age for consuming alcohol, which removes a large amount of bars and lounges, but I was wondering if anybody knew of a nice coffee shop that has live music, preferably jazz.


There's uncommon ground, at clark and grace.… julius...

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Where can I find the best jazz bars in Chicago?

I know that most bars are probably for people age 21 and older, and even though I'm only 19 I'd like to know where I can find good jazz music in the Chi. Ten points for a list of good jazz bars for 21 and up, or ten points for anyone that can tell me...


There are some good Blues clubs on N Halstead.

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What are some of the best jazz clubs and Piano Bars in Chicago?

Hello! A friend of mine if coming from France this May and he said he would like to see some of the Jazz clubs or Piano bars, Besides the Green Mill can anyone suggest some of the best Jazz places here in Chicago?


Marc Pompe, jazz stylist, piano man.

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Jazz Venues in Chicago?

Just wondering if anyone can give me places to go on like a day/night trip to chicago to hear some jazz will be taking the train to and from Kenosha,WI I would like somewhere that has live jazz playing everynight or at least weekends so i dont get there...


Well as has been mentioned before, the Green Mill, Andy's and Green Dolphin Street feature jazz on a...

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