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Do I need a domain name to write Java code?

If I am sat at work I can easily write some java code - I just use my companies domain name as the package name and I do so without even thinking. If I am sat at home and I don't have a domain name what do I use for my package names? The JSL doesn't say - it recommends using an Internet domain name. It does, however, mention local and casual package names This section specifies a suggested convention for generating such unique package names. Implementations of the Java platform are encouraged...


Use any more-or-less unique name like name of the project or you own name-surname. Domain is just a...

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I need a short and popular domain name.?

I need a short and popular domain name. please help me


you can find a lot of short and cheap domains on eBay.

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I want business domain name and web hosting.Need help in business domain name and web hosting?

How can i choose cheap business domain name and web hosting.If you know any business domain name and web hosting with unlimited bandwidth and storage, Please help me...

Answer: and its a very good site. through which you can get business...

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Help I need a domain name quick! need to register a domain name asap how fast can it be done!?

Yeh so help I need a domain name! How cheaply and quickly can i get one? Can you get them for like 99c or something?


it can be done real time as long as you pay For more information,contact me for a help and you might...

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Facing a serious problem in domain name? Need to change the extension.?

Guys, I have a site (let's assume, whose extension was mypage.aspx and now, I want to change the name to mypage.htm. But, after replacing mypage.aspx to mypage.htm, I can't open my site. I dont know why it's happening. Is it necessary to...


All the pages on my website display .aspx - even when visitors enter the basic (mysite).com Don't see...

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Is buying a domain name separate from hosting? Do I need to buy web hosting to get get my pages on the web?

I bought a domain name through and I can't figure out how to put up my web pages (made with Adobe Dreamweaver). I did not buy hosting. So buy owning a domain name do I not have the availability to upload web pages? Is a domain name and web...


Now you need a web hosting plan compatible with dreamweaver. Just refer to:

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I need to get my domain name back how can I dispute it?

I developed a trademarked comerical game about 3 years ago, and the domain was left vacant by the holder of the rights to the game. I now have the rights to the game back and have found out someone in HK has the domain name locked up and doing nothing...


Hi David. Your best and cheapest bet is to use the National Arbitration Forum: http://www.arb-forum...

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I am buying a domain name and getting a hosting plan - do I need DNS hosting?

Okay, so I'm considering buying my own domain name for a personal website and getting a reasonably cheap hosting plan (all from except I have come to where I need to confirm the domain i'm buying and i'm being asked whether I want...


If you want to start your website I recommend purchase your domain and hosting together. In this way...

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Have domain name, need email name

So I picked a domain name, but can't decide what to name my e-mail address. I am trying to use a "user friendly" methodology for an e-mail address to accompany my personal domain. seems redundant, and deciding...


I used to use "".

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I need a domain name any suggestions......??

I need a name that represents my career as a professional vocalist. My business & very own name is Ebony, but I cannot use that as my domain name as it is already taken. But it would be great if someone could come up with a funky name that coporates...


"The Oralist"

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