On Yahoo, how can you add people as a friend?

Let’s learn on Yahoo, how can you add people as a friend. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by answers.yahoo.com.

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How do you add Friends and get Friends on yahoo? | Yahoo ...

How do you add Friends and get Friends on yahoo? ... your on 360 you can send a invite to be a friend from ... then add them as your friend on yor Yahoo ...


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get Instant Messenger of Yahoo. download it and run the program. once you have the messenger, log in...

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Just click add contact after that fill the e-mail of your friends

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Yahoo said someone wants to add me to 360 but not who. How can I add him? I don't want to add everyone?

Yahoo 360 used to send me emails like this: Your Yahoo! Messenger contact John Doe wants to add you as a Friend in Yahoo! 360. Accept or decline the contact by going to the (waiting room). Then I had to wade through all the contacts finding the one person...


Try checking your 360 mailbox. It may have your invitation there and you might be able to see exactly...

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How do i find people to add if i dont know their yahoo name?

i just got yahoo, and i dont know how to find cool people on yahoo, and then add them as a friend and talk to them


check out www.myspace.com

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What are yahoo points and haw do u add people ?

hi im new to yahoo and i was wondering what are yahoo points ? were are they and how do u get them ? i was also wondering how to add people like my friend goes on fanasy spots so can i add her and can i add people not on yahoo? thx so much u will be...


The points move you from level 1 to level 7, as you move up the levels you are able to answer, ask and...

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I can NOT add any friends - Error: At this time you cannot invite the person as a friend.?

I have NOT exceeeded any of the maximums, but I can NOT add any friends: (1.) This happens whenever I try to invite anybody. It is NOT limited to just certain people who might have their Yahoo 360 profile set to not allow Friend Invitations. I can NOT...


Ok, this is what I think has happened. I believe with your friends and favorites combined it has exceeded...

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I can't add contacts to my yahoo messenger?

I just created this new yahoo account, and when I fire up yahoo messenger and try to add a friend, I'm told that the operation has timed out and to try to check my contact list later. I've tried this with the web version of yahoo msr too and it won't...



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Does Yahoo 360 automatically send you friend requests from people on your messenger list?

I've had 360 for a while now, but I'm rarely on it. I've always had friend requests, and now that I'm paying attention to it, I can't tell if the people who "want to be added to my 360 list" actually sent in the request themselves or if Yahoo...


Hi there No yahoo does not sent the invites automatically. The people who have requested an invite they...

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How do people see a yahoo messenger ID online?

A friend of mine has a problem with yahoo messenger. She installed it yesterday and somehow other people who don't even know her add her and send her messages all the times. She is tired of blocking them. I use yahoo messenger too but I never recieve...


there is an option available to deny them....ask her to deny when she recieve any add request and also...

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