Should I Jailbreak my iPod touch?

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To jailbreak or not to jailbreak my iPod Touch?

Ok so i have an iPod Touch 3G MC model running on 3.1.3. It is already jailbroken with Spirit bout' 2 months back and has been working great(= So non-jailbreakers please don't reply stupid things like "no no don't jailbreak, it'll mess up your iPod"..bla bla bla(; Jailbreakers can stand with me and say that jailbreaking your iDevice is using it to its fullest potential ain't it=D Anyway, the jailbreak for iOS4 is finally out and i had been waiting for it before i updated to the iOS4. I...


I have jailbroke my iOS4 and it worked fine. The only thing is, you CANNOT use Spirit to jailbreak it...

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Questions on wheather I should Jailbreak my iPod Touch 3g 3.1.2 firmware?

OK I have had my iPod touch 3g for about 2 months now and i saw about jailbreaking iPod touch 3g before but decided not to because of it being unteathered. However i saw somewhere on the internet that you can remove the jailbreak by restoring the iPod...


of course you should jailbreak it. follow these steps--

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IPod touch 2g jailbreak help?

Okay everyone is jailbreaking their ipod touches these days. Can someone please give me a website and instructions for jailbreaking my 2nd generation iPod touch for free?. I downloaded iOS 4 but i want the home screen wallpaper feature and the multitasking...


If you have the MB model of the ipod touch you can jailbreak if you have the MC model you can't yet...

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Ipod touch jailbreak is weird?

Ok, i have an ipod touch THIRD generation, i have the firware 3.1.2 Ive been trying to jailbreak it using Blackrain, when i have my ipod touch plugged into the compiuter, i click make it rain, then the picture of the guy with the iphones comes up on...


you have 3.1.2, so its tethered, which means to REBOOT you must run black rain AGAIN. check here for...

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Jailbreak iPod Touch 2g 3.0 firmware?

Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G on 3.0 Firmware? Somewhere in this week apple released the 3.0 firmware, which I've put on my iPod Touch, there already is a 3.0 jailbreak for the iPhone, but none yet for the iPod Touch. Is there a jailbreak out or any being...


You can jailbreak your iPod 2G with Redsn0w. You can find full instructions plus download it at http...

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About to jailbreak my iPod Touch 2G for 2.2.1 firmware. Should I jailbreak untethered or tethered?

Hello, I am getting ready to jailbreak my iPod Touch 2G for 2.2.1 firmware, and I need to know which one is better, the untethered or tethered. Please give great detail on them both and the difference. I know it has something to deal with how you reboot...


tethered means that there is something wrong. The untethered just means that you can reboot it and not...

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IPod touch jailbreak questions?

I got an 8g ipod touch last week w/ 1.1.4 firmware and... 1. Will the jailbreak void my warranty? 2. Can i reverse the jailbreak? 3. Will this brick my ipod? 4. Does ziphone work? 5. Will i be able to keep the maps, mail, etc. apps after the jailbreak...


answers in order... 1. i dont know, i never had a warranty. 2. again i dont know. 3. it wont mess it...

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Should i jailbreak my iPod touch?

i just bought an iPod touch 4g with ios 5.1(9cb...) and i came to knw about jailbreaking.So shud i jailbreak and if i jailbreak i wud need an untethered jailbreak because i dont wnt to connect it to my pc everytime it boots.So if u think i should jailbreak...


I dont think theres proper jailbreak for IOS 5.1 yet. Follow this link.

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IPod Touch 2G Redsn0w Jailbreak Problem?

So I tried to jailbreak my 2G iPod Touch using this ( guide here, and everything went along fine. Until I turned on my iPod. Here's a list of all the problems...


put your iPod into DFU mode then restore with 4.1 firmware and jailbreak following this guide http:...

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What happens when you jailbreak your iPod touch?

I want to know more informations on jailbreaking the iPod and what it does so i have a few questions about it: Is it worth the risk? Did you try it? What happened? Does it work for Windows? And how do you know what version u would need? And where do...


* It works for windows (jailbreaking) * Wi-fi is for internet accesing (mail, software install,...)...

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