Should I get a Ipod Touch warranty?

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Why should i jailbrake my ipod touch?

i know that you get free apps and that it voids my warranty, but what are some other good points and bad points about jailbraking an ipod touch 2nd gen? will it damage my ipod and what other cool stuff can i do? thanks p.s - how do you do it and is it hard?


Basically like you said you get free aps and stuff which is the top and bottom of it but there is more...

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Which warranty plan do I get for iPod touch 4th gen?

Ok I'm having trouble deciding which plan to go with, Best Buy or Apple, because they have pro's and con's. 1. I live right by a best buy, but it would be at the end of the month when I could get my iPod touch unless I get lucky in the store and also...


I'm also not sure which plan I should get. Where I live (canada) there both the same price but on Best...

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Can I get the extended warranty for my iPod Touch - See details?

I bought my iPod Touch on November 2nd 07 so the one year warranty is up, but I was told that before the warranty ended I was able to extend the warranty in that time frame. Amyways, geytting to my point here, I had it replaced due to a screen malfunction...


they measure from date of original purchase, so you're sunk. If you know somebody with a corporate account...

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Will I get a new Ipod touch or a refurbished one from Apple if I return my iPod that is under warranty?

I bought my iPod touch on December 2007. I recently discovered 4 stuck pixels, and I hear this is covered under warranty. What will Apple give me if I go to an Apple store? I purchased this at an Apple store. I don't want to get a refurbished one, as...


If they just dont fix the one you have right now then you will get a brand new one.

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My ipod touch screen cracked and I was wondering if I had warranty that I cud get a new one?

It isnt cracked too bad but its still cracked. I have warranty with my ipod adn was wondering if I could maybe get a new ipod ?


If you or someone else caused the crack probably not, if it came that way or with a small chip in the...

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Can you still get an ipod touch replaced if you have no warranty because you threw everything away?

I bought an ipod touch and I bought it from a friend but he has thrown everything away can I still get the warranty?


Probably not. ipod makers try to make as much money as they can, sooooo sorry.

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If i bought and ipod touch 4 gen 8gb did i get a warranty?

does amazon give warranty on ipods?i dropped it i bought it in january and it fell today and has a huge crack on the side and one crack going through the whole screen


Usually if you buy on it does come with a waranty. However that is when you buy it from a store that...

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A warranty protects you against a manufacturers defect not abuse by the buyer. A cracked screen is your...

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Can i get my iPod touch 4th gen. fixed, with 2yr. warranty?

I broke it by dropping it, it still works. But what I want to know is, will they except my iPod or should I try to fix it myself? I'd rather turn it in but I don't know if they'll except it. Thank you much greatly appriectiated


Where do you go to fix it?

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