So, I have a group interview at hollister tomorrow?

Let’s learn so, I have a group interview at hollister tomorrow. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Hollister Group Interview?

Hey everyone! I have a Hollister group interview tomorrow.. What should I expect from it? I am planning to wear a HCO polo shirt, a blue/gray striped cardigan, dark navy jeans, and for my shoes, a casual gray slip ons.. would that work? any suggestions please and thank you!


ok forget about what to wear, dress nice that all you need to do, and what to expect,THE MOST IMPORTANT...

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So I have a group interview at Hollister tomorrow what's the chances I'll get the job?

I've been looking for job and I LOVE the Hollister brand!! I was in there shopping and the manager told me I should apply. I'm not white I'm mixed (cuban and black) but I more


You got some great advice but remember to take your best hollister outfit (i knew a guy who wore proffessional...

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How should I dress for a group interview at Hollister?

I have a group interview tomorrow and was wondering how to dress. Should I dress formally (nice shirt, black skirt, high heels) or in Hollister merchandise (i.e. polo, jeans, flip flops)?


Don't wear formal attire; the polo, jeans, and flip flops sound perfect. It's not a formal interview...

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Hollister Tuesday Interview?!?

so im 16 and went in the Oracle looking for jobs, i went into hollister not expecting for them to say i could have an interview. so the guy looked at the girl and she nodded her head and he said 'Yeah we have an group interview tomorrow if you'd like...


They called me back the next day. Don't worry though your right sometimes they call by the end of the...

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I was asked to work at Hollister by a manager. Group interview was today. Do you think i will get the job?

I was asked to work at Hollister by one of the managers. I went in today for the group interview and i think i did well.. I was a little bit nervous, but still spoke up. I was dressed in their clothes and wore flip-flops. One of the questions I feel...


sure good luck

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How many people does Hollister usually hire from a group interview?

I just had my interview, I did all the good things I wore a pink hollister top (it was warm today like 78 degrees) and you couldn't really see the seagull, and hollister jeans, and a pair of flip flops (had my toes and nails done with a white tip from...


It really just depends on how many people they like from the interview. Hollister is CONSTANTLY hiring...

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Hollister group interview call-back?

My friend and I just applied at Hollister, on the computer that they have in store. We picked our group interview date to be next week. We got an email that said verified that we applied at the store, blah blah blah, and how before the interview we should...


No, you don't wait for them to call you. You should call the store and confirm that there IS an interview...

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Hollister Co. interview tomorrow?

Hey! I was approached by a manager about 3 months ago to work at Hollister Co., problem was I was 16 but ABOUT to turn 17 in 3 months.. Fast forward to now, and I returned! The manager looked like she didn't quite remember me, kind of reserved (the other...


This is no big deal. Have no worries. You are being paranoid. Call yourself to confirm. Do not take...

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Hollister Group Interview!?

I have an interview this friday, and I was wondering on what to wear. I've searched around yahoo and some ppl say absolutely no jeans, but some ppl go with jeans and are ok. And I dont own any hollister clothing but some ppl say that thats ok, and some...


Check out the link… It has everything for interview...

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What will my hollister interview be like tomorrow?

I am 17 years old and I'm a guy. I was returning a sweatshirt at hollister and they recruited me and I have an interview tomorrow at 4. I'm just wondering if anyone can give me some advice and tell me what questions they will ask. Should I shave completely...


I totally understand your need for advice, before both of my interviews with A&F and Hollister I...

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