What Is The Best Fertilizer For Plant?

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I prefer Miracle Grow for fertilizer. It is easy to buy plant and set them out. You can start from seeds...

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What is the best plant fertilizer out there?

Iv always used miracle grow fertilizer and its always worked pretty good for me but I had a short conversation with a clerk at a nursery and she told me that Fox Farm fertilizer beats the hell out of miracle grow. I was always taught you get what you...


The best fertilizer is free. Find someone who has horses and get some manure to make manure tea. Get...

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What is the best fertilizer to use to grow a willow plant?

What is the best fertilizer to grow Willow at it's full potential. Thankyou, ten points for best answer.


Willows should be fertilized at least once a year. Most people don't think they need too be, but they...

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What is the best plant fertilizer but with a sensible price?

hi looking for plant fertilizer that's decent stuff for general home garden use flowers and potted plants but no stupid prices. i was told to check out foxfarm nutes i did and it may be good stuff but the prices are crazy. is there any other good stuff...


Manure. There is odorless manure these days.

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What fertilizer is best for a peppermint plant?

I am conducting an experiment and I all my plants died it was incuclusive but I still need to see what fertilizer was the best I must of. It have tend to them very good it varies from price potting soil kello, patio plus potting, potting mix miracle...


Use a time activated solid fertilizer for peppermint plant. It will come either in pressed bars that...

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What type of live aquatic plant doesn't need fertilizer?

hi, i am looking for a live plant that doesn't need any fertilizer and that can easily grow just by tying it to a rock. i have research online and found that the java fern plant, java moss, and Anubius Plant do not need any fertilizer. please list the...


I have in my tanks Java fern, Anubias, Cryptocoryne , water sprite and Java moss.none of my planted...

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Which is the best fertilizer for young avocado plant?

i red that you have to change fertilizers depending on the season can anyone give me more info about this? and i red that different people use different fertilizers, and some people don't use any, but which one is really the best? some people use tomato...


For young plants/trees: http://www.crfg.org/pubs/ff/avocado.html (lots of good information on this link...

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What Percentage of Fertilizer Applied Affects Plant Growth?

Okay so I am doing an assignment and one thing I need to find out is The Percentage of a fertilizer application that affects plant growth, I can't find it. Please Help I need an ...show more


The source of nutrients, the ability of crop to absorption of elements and capture them for growth,...

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What is the effect of the plant fertilizer to the plants?

So, were having a science fair in school and my topic is about plants. me and my partner ask something about what is the effect of the fertilizer to the plants..if u don't mind, u can give us some websites or just answer it if u know about what is the...


My first stop would be wikipedia or google for a quick reference. I actually had a similar question...

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Do you mean out of date? If so, there will be no problem The strength of fertilisers tends to decrease...

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