What are file formats known to be unsafe?

Let’s learn what are file formats known to be unsafe. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Information Security.

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What file formats are known to be unsafe?

I recently found out pdf's can contain viruses, and from the impression I got its more than a buffer overflow error (I heard it may visit urls automatically but the person sounded unsure) What are some formats that I should be wary of until everything is patched? I remember at one point there was something in a vb6 project that would execute code on project loadup (without running). That was dangerous.


Some formats can be called inherently insecure due to their complexity and their history of use as attack...

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What are some good ways to convert from an OPML to a XML file?

I bought my "Cloud Outliner" app and I really am happy increasing my productivity in at least 200% : ) in less than a couple of days. Now I can manage in a fast and simple way 200 lines x 5 levels all just in my iphone meanwhile I have a coffe...


Just change the file extension to .xml

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Relationship between file formats for video (and audio)

Hi I am struggling to understand the relationships between the different file formats for video (and, by association, audio). I understand that there are different ways of compressing video files - one may use codecs for Mpeg 1, Mpeg 2 or Mpeg 4. I...


Well, you said you ask the questions to indicate your lack of knowledge, but it tells me that you are...

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Creating your am file formats?

I have noticed that when opening up a lot of open source games they are a LOT of different file formats that I have never seen before. Like theirs this one open source zelda game I look at and there were these files with a .qst extention, it was odd...


Your first guess is correct. Every game has its own unique data storage needs. But what you have to...

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Is there any good free app I can covert this dvd file to mpeg or other formats?

This Dvd file has 3 different file formats linearly; DVD VOB file, BUP file, and info file. I tried to copy only the dvd vob file, but it doesn't work, nor the sound. I believe I have to do something with all the three files combine together, thus I...


you only need this: http://handbrake.fr/

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What are the existing searchable compression file formats?

My application is like this: 1. A writer that is writing out data to a compressed file (and rotate to next file when the file is 1GB in size) 2. A reader that can start at any time to read the file. I'd like the reader to be able to seek to arbitrary...


Do you have small and/or predictable input set?  If so, you could use something like DEFLATE with a...

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B-Roll: File formats and file size

I've got a lot of B-Roll and the file sizes are too much for us to maintain them in a usable way. 300 gb for a 30 min .avi? What are decent formats/compressions that are acceptable but that also give manageable file sizes? The b-roll is all scenic and...


Yeah 300GB is definitely not a typo for completely uncompressed video. It's SIMPLY HUGE. H.264 is a...

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Hey guys, can anyone please explain me how file formats work?

i was wondering how different file formats are created, why do some devices support some formats but not others and how do devices tell what kind of file format it is. i would like a bit of detail in the answer please.


just in case you're a true beginner, the format is written on the end of the file (ex: if I right click...

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How do I disable certain file formats in Photoshop?

In Photoshop there are way too many file formats to choose from in the Save dialog. Most of which I know I will never use. How would one disable those formats?


I also had the wish to disable some file formats which i never used since Photoshop version 2.5. Targa...

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How to convert SWF file to any supported YouTube file formats?

I have a SWF file in my archive that I want to upload to YouTube. unfortunately, YouTube still doesn't support SWF format. Any FREE software that I can use to convert the SWF file ...show more


You can put your file in this software: http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd... And it will convert...

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