What are losses before disposal of an asset?

Let’s learn what are losses before disposal of an asset. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by accountingcoach.com.

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Disposal of Assets - Sale of Asset | AccountingCoach

Disposal of Assets. ... any gain or loss on the sale of an asset is also included in the company's net ... month of July illustrate how the disposal of the ...


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Financial Analysis: Do asset managers typically adjust earnings (for one-time losses or gains) figures before making an investment?

If you don't adjust the numbers, you could just use information off of Morningstar, Yahoo! Finance, or Google Finance. How much value does one really get by taking the time to actually put numbers into a spreadsheet and adjusting them?


The manager would make the adjustment if it is necessary. The manager will probably have some understanding...

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Why are speculative asset bubbles bad?  What should we do about them?

By what mechanism do asset bubbles cause social welfare losses (assuming arguendo that bubbles exist and are socially costly)?  Is it merely (or predominantly) because asset bubbles misallocate capital to the speculative asset class?  Or, rather, is...


Asset bubble can be defined as sustained increase for a very long period of time. But it is very difficult...

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Commodities Trading: Why is nickel so bullish while the other industrial metals are making still losses this year so far (May2014)?

The nickel ETF (JJN) is making double-digit gains while the other industrial metals are still making losses. What is the reason for nickel's unique outperformance compared to its siblings in the industrial metals asset class? Shouldn't nickel be correlated...


The price of nickel is heavily dependent on the production of stainless steel. Two-third of all nickel...

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Question about section 1245 asset purchase.?

"A company purchased a section 1245 asset for $120000, and after 5 years the same asset had a book value of $80,000. If the company's current taxable income is $400000 before consideration of the gains and losses from the sale of this asset, determine...


The first part they are calculating the gain. Proceeds - cost = gain. The second part they are calculating...

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Can I claim my forex losses on line 21 of my 1040 tax return?

Please read the entire question, as there are multiple parts to it. Thanks! I lost around $25k in 2009 trading online foreign currency at interbankfx. I also lost almost $1k playing stocks (I know..I have no future as an investor). I'm hoping to get...


I'm no expert on forex taxation but you may find helpful answers on the DailyFX forum. There is a sub...

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There are two kind of losses in fluid flow, major loses and minor loses. As minor losses are independent of fluid viscosity, in the case of liquid helium, which has no viscosity, will minor losses will occur?

Liquid helium below certain temp and conditions becomes super fluid, it show zero viscosity. Flow once started sustains for days. Minor losses like entry losses exit losses are independent of fluids intensive property like dynamic viscosity, so will...


Behaving as a super-fluid and being a superfluid are different. The viscosity will certainly be low...

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Thomas Enterprises purchased a depreciable asset on October 1, 2007 at a cost of $100,000. The asset is expect?

Thomas Enterprises purchased a depreciable asset on October 1, 2007 at a cost of $100,000. The asset is expected to have a salvage value of $15,000 at the end of its five-year useful life. If the asset is depreciated on the double-declining-balance method...


A. $27,540 100,000 Asset Value 15,000 Salvage Value 85,000 Depreciable Basis 85,000 / 5years = 20% per...

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