What are some fun things to do in Kenya?

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I have climbed up to the top of Mount Longonot. It is one of the mountains which is easy to climb and...

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What can I send to my pen pal in Kenya?

I have pen pal in Nakuru, Kenya and I want to send him a fun care package. I need some interesting and fun ideas of things to send that we have here in America that they don't have in Kenya. I want it to be a surprise for him.


Condoms, send condoms the hiv is rampant over there. You might save his life and that would be legit...

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Fun things to do when you are bored?

Fun things for a teenager to do when I am bored. It could be anything-Fun books to read, good movies, fun websites, things to do indoors, outdoors, things to do when your parents aren't home, things to do at sleepovers, things to do with siblings. Best...


Go on a date! Have a party it could be small like 4-5 people or big with like 20 or 30. Go to a party...

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Fun things to do in Atlanta?!?

Hiya I want to do something fun over the winterbreak (from now till Jan.7) and I always go to the mall(stonecrest/discover mills/north point/north&south dekalb/gwinnett place)! dont get me wrong...the mall is fun and all but i wanna do something...


different and fun stuff in Atlanta: Medieval Times Dave & Busters restaurant Jillians restaurant...

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Fun things to do in Atlanta, GA?

I'll be in Atlanta during the second week of June. I'll be staying with my friend, but he'll be at work during the day so I'd like some fun things to do to pass the time until he gets home. I've looked up some things online like the Coca Cola tour and...


Whole World Improv is fun. If you are with a group of girls, check their website for ladies' night to...

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What are fun things to do to regain trust and love?

Myself and my Fiancé are going through a little rough patch, we have been together for 2year on the 29th April. Last week we decided it wasn't working and thought we should break up it lasted over night and then we got back together after a day...


6 dogs must be a finanacial strain, does he very quietly resent the money they cost ? My husband and...

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What are some fun things to do in the chicago, northern suburban areas?

every year for my bday my older sister and I do something instead of getting me a gift, which i like. so this year i'm turning 16 and my birthday is in about a month so that means it's winter and snowing. it's kind of hard to think of other things to...


i would definitely saw medieval times! you can eat with your hands and watch a joust with hot guys in...

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What are some ideas of fun things I can do for free or for little money?

I live on a very limited budget and am on disability for some medical issues, and am often very exhausted (I also have trouble going too far from home). I want to volunteer in a bit, but right now I am looking for new or fun things I can do for very...


Hit up the jewelry aisle at Hobby Lobby, there are tons of options and usually really good sales. If...

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I need fun things to do at a family friends gathering at my house?

so my moms having a gathering at my our house and so of course there gonna be teenagers coming over and i'm a teenager also. theres gonna be all of us in one room and it will be boys and girls. i want them to walk out of my house and be like "man...


I just googled 'parlor games' and there's loads of sites there from funny to logic and some say '50...

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What are some fun things a young married couple can do for fun without spending tons of money?

So, I am getting ready to join the air force reserves because we need some extra help financially. My husband is now active duty. We have to go long periods of time without seeing each other, so when we are together we like being able to go out and have...


Cheese,wine,crackers,park! Fishing pole,bait,beer,lake! lol...

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