What are some funny places to look up on Google Earth?

Let’s learn what are some funny places to look up on Google Earth. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by gecoolplaces.com.

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Google Earth Cool Places - Weird, famous and beautiful ...

Weird and odd; Bugs in Google Earth; Censored stuff; ... Google Earth is a program where you can look at the earth through aerial photos. At Google Earth Cool Places ...


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What's some good places to look at with Google Earth?

Check out earth.google.com if you haven't already. It's a great satelite photo site. What are some of the more interesting places you've seen, besides your own place?


...how bout my place... ...............you know...............LoL...

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What are some funny/cool places to look up on Google Earth 6?

like car crashes planes landing awkward people u get the point !


I have heard they have caught people lying naked on their roof. http://googlesightseeing.com/2006/1...

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this is funny you will see a dude dragging a dead body into a lake type in this on to google earth ...

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Anyone know any cool places to look at on google earth ?

iv'e been searching, but its not fun when you have nothing to search for =( anybody have any place to searchh for


Try searching on the Internet or try famous places. http://terraserver-usa.com/famous.aspx

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What are your favorite places to view on google earth?

What are your favorite places to view on google earth? I like to look at ships at naval bases, and I've seen Niagra Falls and the Himalya Mnts. If you have exact addresses to anything that is even fairly unknown that is cool. I just want some neat stuff...


I've checked out the Great Wall of China, Paris, the Vatican, the Colosseum in Rome, the pyramids in...

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Top 10 GOOGLE EARTH sites?

What are the best places to look at from Google earth??Anything intresting that you know of which is cool to have a look at?Please leave address's or links so i and the others can ...show more



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I want to know what Google Earth program to download?

There is a google earth program on the computer I use at work that shows cameras and you can advance on the cameras say going down the street and then you can click on the camera and you are on a bubble and then you can rotate it and look all around...


Hi... There are only 2 versions of Google Earth. Google Earth | Free or oogle Earth Pro | $400 Whatever...

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Google Earth?

I have just discovered Google Earth, thanks to Yahoo answers. It's my favourite toy at the moment. I have been looking at loads of places but does anyone recommend something really great to look at with it? The earth is awesome when you can see it like...


It is great, isn't it?? I love to look at my old neighborhood using it. Of course it is great to look...

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Could Google Sketchup be used to place a photograph into Google Earth to look kind of like a billboard?

A series of such billboards would make a virtual world one could walk through. I want the image to show up in Google Earth. It is geotagged and has compass orientation. Could that data be added to Google Sketchup as the "texture" on a flat...


Billboard size photos would likely be too small to show up on Google Earth, but Panoramio Photos of...

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