What are some good hair products for emo scene hair?

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What products do i use to make my emo/scene hair better?

yea i was just wondering what kind of products i use to make it better i just use shampoo not conditioner beacuse for some reason it makes my hair flake and i also use a straightener i know theres alot more to use but i dont know what???


What kind of wierd conditioner makes your hair flake? You should probably use one to keep your hair...

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Adding hair glue to bangs to make them straight & stiff is a must when creating an emo hairstyle...

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What emo hairstyles would look good with my hair?

I am 12, and I am pretty emo. I want to get an emo/scene haircut, but I don't think any of them would work on my ultra thin, flat hair( and its only shoulder length) If there's any styles that can be done for such hair, please post a photo, and a list...


i honestly wont judge. im not emo but im scene. scene is bacicly the same exact style as emo but ur...

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Emo/Scene Hair? Please help.?

HELLO! :D First off, please dont be a hater. i am here for a specific reason, not to be hated on. Kthnkbaii! Haha. Well, here's my dilema: i'm going to dye my hair a light platinum blonde color. should i dye my hair before or after i get it cut? and...


Normally I'd totally attack people with these sorts of questions but you don't seem like some kind of...

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How do I get emo hair with thick hair(new)?

NO "EMO SUCKS, BE URSELF, ECT." B.S. Ok, I have thick hair seen here: http://i18.tinypic.com/4hiyr2u.jpg & here http://i13.tinypic.com/2u7nhif.jpg These pics were after being washed with Garneir(sry if spelt wrong) straightning conditioner...


Well, it looks to me that the top center and the middle girls have thick hair too. Try for one of those...

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Am I using too many hair products?

Okay well I have long emo/scene style hair (layered) and I wanted to know if these are too many products: In the shower: I use a mix of Head and Shoulders 2 in 1 and Garnier Fruticus Color Shield since my hair is dyed. After Shower: I use Matrix Fortifying...


Nope that's fine but don't use shampoo every day, and don't blow dry it every day And don't straighten...

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How would i style my hair emo/scene?

Hello i'm 15 male, and i'm clueless when it comes to styling my hair! i want it like a emo/scene kids hair style? is there any tips or video tutorials you could give me? or maybe list some products to use? thanks


Hi! For products you can definitely use hairspray and a fine-toothed comb for teasing and you can also...

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How To Use Hairstyling Wax On Emo Hair?? PLEASE HELP!!?

PLEASE HELP!!? My haircut is kinda like this:http://lifestylesgallery.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Nice-Girls-Scene-Medium-Hairstyles-for-2011.jpg Short Layers and wat not.And my mom expects me to use this bottle of wax: http://www.paulmitchell.com...


With wax you only want to use A LITTLE BIT because it can weigh you hair down majorly. But apply to...

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How to get my hair to look EMO/Scene WITHOUT cutting it or extensions?

Ok so I want my hair to look EMO/Scene but I can't cut my hair or get extensions in my hair. How do I make it ok like it is tho? Or how could I cut it, without my mom noticing I cut it? I love the way EMO/Scene hair looks and I am EMO/Scene and I just...


1 part your hair to either side, you have to have a side part if you want the big scene look. 2. you...

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Help!! I want to have emo/scene hair!!?

First off: I have wavy hair, and it will NOT straighten. However hard I try, I can never get it completely straight. But that is beside the point. My hair is not cut or styled to be emo or scene. I have some suckily-cut side bangs, and hair that goes...


Get it chemically straightened at your local salon.

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