What are some of the highest paying jobs in medicine?

Let’s learn what are some of the highest paying jobs in medicine. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Highest paying jobs outside of medicine?

I have no clue what career path I want to follow. Can you give me suggestions of high paying jobs that aren't in the medical field?


medicine,lawyers make more than any other profession. celebs, politicians and sportsman are exceptional...

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High paying jobs in medicine?

interested in a career in medicine,highest paying positions out there?


Insurance company executive. Malpractice defense lawyer. ... ... Brett Farve's orthopedic surgeon. LeBron...

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Are there any high paying jobs in medicine that require less than 7 years of education?

I am going to College in about five years, and am interested in medicine careers that pay really well. I want something in pediatrics or general practice, but they take at least nine ...show more


a nurse,a dental hygenist,surgical tech....2 yrs of school and get paid alot! there are other jobs as...

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CNA, Vocational Nurse, medical assistant, pharmacy tech, registered nurse, physical therapy assistant...

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What are the highest paying jobs that dont involve the medical field?

I want to know what the highest paying jobs are that dont involve medical training or anything to do with medicine


Natural Sciences Manager Highest salary: $97,560 Training time: 6 years Marketing Manager Highest salary...

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Highest paying medical job?

I'm hopefully going to study medicine soon in uni, but I was just wondering what the highest paying medical jobs are, I heard it was a cardiologist, which happens to be what I want to go into. I'm just curious :)


Worry about the studies & the schooling first. Because if u want to be in the medical field, that...

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Why are intelligent people expected to get a job in high paying occupations such as doctors or lawyers?

It pisses me off that people expect the straight As in high school to get high paying jobs such as thse in the medicine field or science field.Why do people keep expecting intelligent people to get high paying jobs? I for one was expected by my momto...


Its prob because there parents want them to be a doctor or a lawyer hope my parents don't want me to...

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How am I going to pay for my daughters medicine?

My 8 year old daughter is a Type 1 diabetic.She was diagnosed in Sept.2008.This year is a new year and we just started to figure out our budget.The problem is our insurance. My insurance mandatory me to do the mail order for her insulin.And my insurance...


call 1-800-diabetes (the American Diabetes Association) and see if they can help you with infomration...

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