What are the best hotels in Cape May, NJ?

Let’s learn what are the best hotels in Cape May, NJ. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by hotels.com.

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Top 10 Best Hotels in Cape May, New Jersey | Hotels.com

Hotels in Cape May, New Jersey; Luxury Hotels in Cape May; ... Book a hotel in Cape May, New Jersey that has the most peaceful and relaxing atmosphere ...


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Hotels in Cape May, NJ and Atlantic City, NJ?

Just looking for a quality hotel in Cape May, NJ and I would also consider Atlantic City and any hotel close to either town. Thanks


The only quality hotlel would be the Borgata in Atlantic City. The Jersey Shore isn't really known for...

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No two night minimum in Cape May/Westwood Crest Hotels?

Does anyone know of any decent hotels in Cape May, NJ area that do not require two night minimums for a weekend? I have a wedding to attend and would love to spend the whole weekend but have other commitments for Friday.


Yes, there are a few (Oceanview Motel on the beach, etc.). If you do a quote, the results will only...

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Dog friendly lodging wildwood, NJ? or recommended websites for vacationing with pets?

my bf and i want to bring our dog on vacation to wildwood, NJ (i go there every summer but we just got the dog) so i was wondering if anyone knew any hotel/motel in wildwood/wildwood crest or cape may??? i tried looking online but only found one in north...


I love Wildwood Crest sooo much! We stay at the Commander By the Sea, however it's not pet-friendly...

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Could ayone please tell me where in Cape May,NJ I might be able to purchase Cape May Diamonds for my children?

I really need "Cape May Diamond" silver mounted costume jewley from Cape May,New Jersey.I had purchased silver mounted "Cape May Diamond" jewley on visits to Cape May.My last visit was in August,1976.These items have a unique and...


Hi Chuck, Since your visit, there is a pedestrian mall in Cape May with loads of shops, restaurants...

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How to get to get to Cape town, nj from NJ/NY by bus or train.?

how to get to get to Cape town, nj from NJ/NY by bus or train.? I am trying to get to Capetown, nj without a car. I need a simpler way to get to capetown from nj/ny buses or trains. i did check bus #319 from ny to capetown but it looks like it does not...


Do you mean Cape May? Take the #319 to Atlantic City and then take the NJT #552 bus to Cape May/Wildwood...

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Does anyone know of any waterfront hotels on Cape Cod that are open in December?

I was hoping to make a trip to Cape Cod the weekend of December 18th. I do not live far away and so I could plan a day trip out there, but ideally I would love to find a nice hotel or motel that is right on the water. I have looked up a bunch of places...


The InnSeason resorts in Falmouth and the Edgewater Beach and Breakers Ocean View resorts in Dennisport...

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I am looking for a special Car decal-It is of the CAPE MAY LIGHTHOUSE IN WHITE AND LETTERS CAPE MAY NJ- Thx?

I honeymooned in Cape May last week and forgot to buy a car decal/sticker, I one I would like is of the lighthouse with the words cape may nj-does anyone know where I could but this? Thanks


You should re-post this in a different category. Cape May is in New Jersey -- Our cape is Cape Cod....

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If there's a mandatory evacuation for Cape May, NJ, would it also mean there is one for Ocean City, NJ too?

Ocean City, NJ is very close to Cape May, so would it be reasonable to assume that Ocean City will be evacuated as well? Some of my X's family live there (I don't really talk to them), but I am a bit worried.


i would advise them to get the hell out of there. the governor has requested everyone to evacuate the...

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Best traffic-less route to Cape May, NJ from Madison, NJ

I have at least two options of going to Cape May from Madison, NJ. Everyone tells me traffic will be insane no matter when I leave. Anyway, it looks like I have at least two routes. 1) I can take the parkway all the way down.2) I have the option of taking...


It would be helpful to know when you would be leaving Madison.

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