What are the best sales training books?

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Here is the answer summary from What are the best sales books? Books mentioned at least twice Influence...

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What are the best sales-related books/training tools that I can listen to?

I don't have a ton of time to read right now but want to learn more about how I can sell more effectively. I've purchased a few audiobooks on Audible (Spin Selling is one although it's only the abridged version). What else is out there? Could be audiobooks...


Just a disclaimer I am not in Sales. I found however a good tactical list of sales resources at the...

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What is the best sales training video?

I love doing sales however I wish to close more. I work door to door selling Television right now but I wish to close more sales. What are some good training manuals? videos, books etc etc.


www.training-sales-getters.com That's smart for you to reach out. It shows you want to improve. At the...

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Instructional Design: Which are the best companies in the US developing training materials from concept to delivery?

Looking to identify companies who could help to develop training materials, books, brochures for sales training for pharmaceutical sales representatives.


SweetRush is an award winning company, and in my opinion, probably the #1 performance improvement company...

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Sales training

Where can I find sales related training programs (Audio, video, books) to buy on line.


Hello redosam, Thank you for your question. As I am sure you are aware, there is a plethora of sales...

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What are some accelerated classroom courses for sales?

Considering there are nearly no leading Universities offering this area. The skills tend to be a step child in education, while a boon for private training. 1) Live in person classes only 2) 2-5 days and not formal semester length efforts 3) Teach sales...


While I was in business school, I started the HBS Sales Club to teach sales on campus. We brought Jeff...

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How can you find rare books at library sales?

every time I go to a library sale there are a TON of people there and it is really crowded and there are quite a few book dealers there and they seem to know where all the good books are already. So how can a person know which books are worth money and...


I used to sell used books on Amazon. The easiest way is to get there as soon as it opens and look for...

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Pharmacy Tech training? Books without DVDs?

I am buying some books on-line to study for a pharmacy tech certification. I have found a couple of books that sound useful, but I am not sure. They are the _Getting Started in Aseptic Compounding Workbook_ and the _Getting Started in Non-Sterile Compounding...


Those are very specific study books. If you are just starting in the field, try to find a more general...

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What companies provide education marketing, sales, or sales training?

For clarification--that is mostly sales or marketing to the K-12 or university decision-makers.  Companies which provide sales training to people selling to those markets is also helpful. Feel free to add government sales--as that seems to be a similar...


Primary Intelligence provides win loss analysis services and software. The best way to train your sales...

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Deals (Daily, Group and Other): Groupon is heralded for their sales training, what sales techniques are they using & how are the pitching their proposition to merchants?

Has anyone been through their or any other group buying sites sales training program? Apart form basic sales, rebutalls and marketing training what area's & techniques do they recommend focusing on when selling to merchants?


There are a number of concepts and techniques being developed for the Daily Deal sales person. The concepts...

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