What are the best trade jobs for women?

Let’s learn what are the best trade jobs for women. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by ChaCha.

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Trade jobs for women can range from sales Girls to marketing Managers and even higher.Your choices indicate...

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Of course they can, but they dont want to. They enjoy sex. It isnt unrespectible to them. They are proud...

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Skilled labor/trade jobs well-suited to women?

I'm 5'1", 110lbs. Looking to try out a new career. Something with my hands. I hate children, so please don't suggest things like daycare work or teaching. I'm ...show more


Finish carpentry work and tiling does not require a lot of strength. There is a shortage of machinists...

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Ideas on starting up a social enterprise / small business in Jordan to empower youth and women in relative poverty? (Capability building, income, etc.)

Wanting to make a difference to a poor local community by providing a means to make income (not many jobs available otherwise) and capability building for the future - target youth and women, theme: pride / dignity / capabilties I have a 5-10 year goal...


Hello, I would like to recommedn three great business ideas for wo...

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Can someone tell me as much as they can about this article and International Trade, Tariffs, and Globalization?

Essay: The Dangers Of Turning Inward Jeffrey E. Garten. Wall Street Journal. (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Feb 28, 2009. pg. W.1 Abstract (Summary) Here was a city within a city, with ultra-modern buildings, movie theaters, restaurants with international...


We should first of all see the reasons of this movement from rural areas to urban areas, therefore it...

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Men and women "jobs" in the home?

My man and I are currently having a "debate" in which he says it is a woman's "job" to do the food shopping. I gave the scenario that if I'm working late, and there's no food in the house and I don't get home from work until 7 and...


So let me get this straight, you both work, yet you do all the cleaning, cooking and shopping and all...

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Why did certain jobs become "women's" jobs and what jobs are becoming dominated by women?

It seems to me that jobs like teaching and nursing were not always jobs that were held predominately by women.  What caused the shift, when did it happen, and what jobs are becoming female-majority jobs?  If my assumptions are incorrect, please correct...


I cannot find the article now (dammit!) but psychiatry/psychology/mental health profession is fast becoming...

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Why don't these "strong and independent women" take up riskier jobs to make up for the wage gap?

They have the option of taking up dangerous jobs which pay much more than safer jobs, but do you see many women taking up these kind of jobs? They have the option of taking up dirty jobs such as trash collecting and keep in mind they get paid at LEAST...


PREACH SISTA! lmao YA community, why when i give genuine answers do i get thumbs down but when i post...

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Was it because of the trade deficit that Maine to lost 10,000 jobs to China?

Maine has lost 9,545 jobs to China since the Communist nation entered the World Trade Organization (WTO) ten years ago. That's according to a report by the Alliance for American Manufacturing, which figures that China's unfair economic subsidies, currency...


The trade deficit has nothing to do with that. The reason those jobs went are because companies moved...

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What jobs pay women less for the SAME work as a man?

The pay gap issue comes up very often on this website. Most of the time, people say that because women as a whole make 76% of what men make (here in the US, don't know outside this country) all women must be getting paid 76% of what men are making. Of...


Is it cheating if I provide the same statistics? ^_^ I would love to give more info from other occupations...

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