What are the positive aspects of the death penalty?

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1) 0% chance of recidivism. 2) No chance of escape. 3) No costs associated with feeding, housing, or...

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While some people believe the death penalty is a fair punishment, it comes with a lot of negative consequences...

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Death Penalty Debate?

We are having a class debate over the death penalty. My team is representing the positive aspects of the death penalty and we are trying to convince the audience that the death penalty should not be abolished. I was assigned by the team leader to present...


Can you see Charles Manson working at McDonalds? Me neither.I say if someone is found guilty beyond...

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Can we please have a rational, dispassionate discussion about the death penalty?

Are you torn about the death penalty? On the one hand, I think that the death penalty should be abolished ... at least until the socio-economic inequalities of our justice system have been adequately addressed and every prisoner has the right to be exonerated...


I think the urge to see the perpetrator of a horrendous crime killed is a normal and understandable...

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If you commit a crime in a US state *without* the death penalty...?

This is probably an incredibly stupid question, but I'll ask it anyway. It's not like I'm American, so I guess I have an excuse XD If you committed a crime that was deemed worthy of the death penalty in a state that *allowed* the death penalty - Maryland...


Whether you are from another state or another country, if you violate a state law in that state, you...

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Why do people tolerate war more than the death penalty, especially against terrorists?

These are the argument for death penalty: The death penalty is irreversible, which does not allow for correcting mistakes. (tell that to all war victims) The death penalty does not deter crime. (War encourage more war. If anything good people turn warriors...


Throughout history, wars have typically been fought to either a)protect your territory, resources and...

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Death Penalty: Christian Hypocrisy? (Long)?

Okay, this is not a troll. I'm really looking for an honest answer, so please help me out. I'll try my best to be respectful, but if I cause offense, I apologize in advance. But that also goes for the people answering: keep it civil, please. You're welcome...


Gotta agree with you here. I did not know that part about the Sanhedrin, so thank you! Personally, I...

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When do you think the Death Penalty should be imposed?

In texas, which is where I'm from, and other states, Inmates are often given the death penalty even if they are not responsible for the crime. If their friend committed the murder but they were at the scene, they could also face the death penalty. I...



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The Death Penalty is almost never used in America even for Murder! What happened?

Of all the total crimes which really deserve the death penalty, its almost never used. Now its only used for extreme murder and even thats highly unlikley to get a death sentence. Child Molesters, never get the death penalty. Even if someone did get...


it is because of political reasons.

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Hey guys I'm conducting a survey for a research project required by my course instructor and was hoping you guys could help me. The purpose of the following questions will help me conduct a study between gender and racial differences in capital punishment...


age: 64,gender :male , race:Muslim Shaik, Religion Islam 1.No 2.---- 3 religion or moral reasons 4.I...

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