What backpack should I buy for trip to Europe?

Let’s learn what backpack should I buy for trip to Europe. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by thesavvybackpacker.com.

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How To Choose A Backpack For Traveling in Europe

How To Choose A Backpack For Traveling ... Read our recommended best travel backpacks for Europe ... so don’t buy a huge backpack because you’re going on a 6 ...


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What is a good backpack to buy for 2 month backpacking trip through Europe??

I will be backpacking through europe for 2 months and need to buy a good backpack. Will be buying a few things, nothing too much and bringing a video camera, digital camera, 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, socks, etc...


Jansport is very good quality. Just buy a really big one, and it won't let you down.

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How many days do you need to backpack full of Europe? How much money should one one save for the entire trip?

Since i dint do myself any favor with the clarity of the question, I want to explain it nicely. First-off i am 26 right now, after my 34th birthday, once am settled financially. I would like to take break for about 3 months and do a backpack trip in...


What is the 'full of Europe?' It depends where you want to go! You can do a month or so hitting the...

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A good backpack for my trip to Europe?

I'm going to Europe this summer with my brother and sister on a month-long backpacking trip. What would be the ideal size backpack, what type of backpack is good, and do you have ...show more


Check with LL Bean, Eddie Bauer or Eastern Mountain Sports websites for good backpacks. Travel as light...

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I'm doing a backpack trip around europe.. I need help please?

As i said, i'm doing a backpack trip around europe in june 2011 by train. The main idea is travelling at nights and try to avoid hotels, Yes!! i know it will be exhausting but i think it's worth to do it :D I would like please if you can help me with...


http://www.hihostels.com Has great hostels all over Europe. Clean and well run with English speaking...

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I want to backpack Europe! What's the best website or way to start planning my trip?

I'm planning to backpack Europe, alone, next summer. What is a good website to plan and map out my trip? I'll only be going for 2 - 2 1/2 weeks.


Hello I have just answered a question about this. The best way to get a deal where you can get good...

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1 month europe trip: Trolley Bag or Backpack?

hey guys, i'm headed off for a 1 month europe trip to italy, greece, prague, berlin and switzerland. I was wondering whether a trolley bag or backpack would be better as i've ...show more


A trolley makes you look more European. A backpack is so touristy. Try to blend in.

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Where to buy travel insurance for 1 year around the world backpack trip of a lifetime?

Canadians looking for travel insurance for one year around the world trip? Canadian couple in their 30s looking for travel insurance for 1 year backpacking trip around the world trip. Not going to the US. Looking for medical and trip cancellation. Has...


World Nomads is awesome, I'm using them for my study abroad trip and they have been great so far. The...

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Europe - Suitcase or backpack? Please Help need to buy tomorrow>>>>?

Hi, I am going to Europe for a week with my brother an Hubby. They both have backpacks. I am trying to choose out of a backpack an a suitcase. i spotted a suitcase that is real nice med size with wheel an small handle no strap. Another is med sized an...


For the travel you're doing, it sounds like either will do. there are places on the trains where you...

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Where can I buy a good backpack for traveling Europe?

I plan on packing as lightly as possible, but I'm trying to find a backpack big enough to get me through Europe for 6 weeks. I'm a 5' 2" female with a small frame, so a backpack with back support and a waist strap is a must. I found some good ones...


While there are some bargains to be had online, a backpack needs to fit you properly, and to make sure...

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