What can I do if I go into the criminal justice major?

Let’s learn what can I do if I go into the criminal justice major. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by worldwidelearn.com.

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Criminal Justice Major | What Can You Do with a Criminal ...

What Does a Criminal Justice Major Do ... criminal investigators, and ... Criminal justice graduates might use their major as the foundation to move into other fields ...


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Law Enforcement (Cop), Legal Counseling (Attorney), Court System (Paper/Pencil Pusher)

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What would be the best criminal justice career to go into?

I will be going to a 2 year school and can only afford to get a 2 year degree. I was wondering what would be the best criminal justice degree for only 2 years. I was thinking between law enforcement or forensics science. I would like to know if anyone...


Working the front door at Wal-Mart.

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What career in Criminal Justice should i go into? FULL POINTS?

im an 18 year old girl, and im going to college really soon. I'm a junior in highschool now. I have the college and all the plans for that planned out already. I am FASINATED with the whole entire criminal justice/law enforcement area. My only problem...


There are many other law enforcement officer jobs other than police officer jobs. Game wardens, probation...

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Can I go to school for social work with an associates degree in criminal justice?

I will be receiving an associates degree in criminal justice from my local community college this spring and I want to transfer to become a social worker. Is it a good idea that I got a degree in criminal justice rather than an associates in liberal...


Yes you can transfer into a four year program in SW with that degree. However, you really need a masters...

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Is Criminal Justice a good major for college when planning to go to law school?

I'm planning on majoring in Criminology & Criminal Justice when going to college. Then, I'll be going to law school to eventually become a lawyer, obviously. I was just wondering if this was a good major to do so? If any other majors would be better...


Personally, I don't think an undergrad degree in criminal justice is all that impressive. I would major...

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What is a good schools to go to for criminal justice?

I live in San Antonio, Texas. I would like to attend a school that is fun, I want to get the full college experience. I would like to also go to school in California. Which ever is fine. Either in Town, (or state) or California. I would also like for...


University of jail.

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I have my associates in criminal justice. I want to know where I can go with a bachelors degree...?

I want to get my bachelors degree. I dont know what in though. I want to stay in the field of Criminal Justice..any ideas. BTW I am really really bad at math so not looking at FBI Accountants..maybe FBI something else...not sure help?


a good friend of mine has his degree in music and is a u.s. secret service agent. all that matters is...

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Criminal justice careers Accounting in Criminal Justice; Air Marshal; Arson & Fire Investigator...

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