What can I say to a restaurant manager to get an interview?

Let’s learn what can I say to a restaurant manager to get an interview. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by foodbizjobs.com.

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Restaurant Management Job Interview Tips & Advice ...

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What should i say if i get an interview at a fast food restaurant and the manager ask me why do i want to work?

here what should i say that gives me a great opportunity to get the job instead of saying i need the money lol if this is the wrong catagory please tell me which one to put it in


tell them you've always been interested in working in the hospitality industry (basically, food, drink...

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Was I treated equally during interview process at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse?

Long but worth the read!! I applied at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse and not only do I feel like I never had a fair chance (for some personal reason it seems like), they were extremely rude, and their general manager lied straight to my face. I had...


you obviously don't know what discrimination is and is NOT: perhaps you should learn that first see...

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What should you say to the manager of a restaurant to get the job?!?

There's this Mexican Restaurant where I live and as of 2 days ago they are now hiring someone for every weeknight! Which is absolutely perfect because its such a nice restaurant ...show more


Considering that the restaurant you applied for is hiring a position may be taken quickly so you should...

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Is this bad to do at an interview?

I'm a college student that has been working at a restaurant for about a year and a half. I get paid $8.00 there. I have a job interview at another restaurant and their starting pay is $7.25. My assisstant manager at the current place I work has offered...


In most interviews, the topic of wages will be mentioned or discussed. You can mention that you have...

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I missed my job interview today. Can anyone help?

Yesterday I got a call for a job interview at 5pm today at Bob Evans. I was all ready to go, dressed, didn't expect to be late, everything! I get to the restaurant and go in for the interview. But it turns out that there are TWO Bob Evans' on the same...


It sounds like you had a great change of events. The closer restaurant wants you to apply and you can...

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Do you think this restaurant will hire me?

I am 16 and trying to get a job. My Dad is good friends with the manager of our local islands restaurant. So my dad called and the manager, jeremy, said to go in and meet him at 2, so i went in, he gave me an application to fill out and then a employee...


i dont want some wiener 16 year old kid talking to me at a restaraunt, i hope if he does hire you they...

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What should I say on the phone when I call a bank manager about a job interview?

I want to make the right wording when I call him. I was with a friend a few days ago at the bank while he was talking to a financial advisor about a loan. I was just in the room, and the advisor (also the manager) asked me what I do, and I said that...


Just be direct with him say hello You informed me the other day that there was a career opening in your...

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What should i say after the job interview with the fast food restaurant?

i had an interview two weeks ago and i called last week and the manager told me they would call me back then i called yesterday and they told me to come in person what should i say ...show more


Say you are very optomistic, You get along great with others, you have much potential to upsell. Restaurant...

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Im going in for an interview or an oppointment with the manager of the job i want to get?

i want to know what do i say i really need this job like very bad and i dont want to mess it up could anyone plz help me out


Learn as much as possible about the company, be knowledgeable about it and ask questions. Interviewers...

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