What can a volunteer do in a First Aid Hospital?

Let’s learn what can a volunteer do in a First Aid Hospital. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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you will not get first aid traning becuse you will not be allowed to assist with anything like that...

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Individuals who are considered 'professional' rescuers are not able to deny care in most circumstances...

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What do NRA members think about first-aid training as a prerequisite for gun permits?

I'd like to receive critiques of the proposal below: -Prior to receiving any handgun purchase/carry permit in state X, the applicant must complete first-aid training with a group of 5-20 peers and other permit applicants, administered by a trained first...


This is an interesting question. I am sure the OP would be interested to know that quite a few gun folks...

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Volunteer questions?

I'm planning to volunteer at a senior/retirement home this summer, and I just have a few questions. What is this about volunteer interviews? Are those like job interviews? Are their....expectations less.....strict? (I gues you could say). And I know...


My wife volunteered to be a mentor, and the "interview process" was actually pretty long and...

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How can i volunteer and help people around the world?

i want to help around the world and volunteer my time to help people. i dont have much experience with first aid or anything but im willing to learn. im only 16 so i realize a lot of my options are gone. is there a group that provides humanatarian aid...


start at home , go volunteer to help others ... there is always a need for volunteers right at your...

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Good idea to work for both CVS and Rite Aid as a Pharmacy Technician?

I'm just completing my first year of undergrad in pre-pharmacy. I was recently offered a job as a pharmacy technician from both my local CVS and Rite Aid. I've never had a job before, just a bunch of volunteer work. After the interviews and everything...


You should not work for competitors! If one finds out that you are working for the other...you will...

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Any legitimate reputable organizations that allow individuals to do volunteer work abroad for room and board?

I always dreamed of going to Nepal or Tibet but never had the opportunity or money to go. I hit a phase in my life where my life is falling apart and I thought this was a better opportunity than ever for me to have a reset button in life. Originally...


Hey there, You will not be able to find an organization that will pay for your flight, visa, housing...

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Any point in me still trying to volunteer?

I want to do some volunteer work as a first aid volunteer for St John. Yet it seems continuously I have been required to do everything even in order to contact them. First off none of there contact details worked requiring me to contact them in person...


I love to volunteer, and promote volunteering. However, for you to enjoy volunteering and have a positive...

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What is the best way to volunteer in medicine?

I'm 25 years old and I want to volunteer in medicine in developing countries. I'm especially interested in paramedics and surgery assistance, but I haven't any medical education and skills. As a matter of fact I've finished two-week first-aid course...


Doctors Without Borders

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