What does BE stand for in Indian railway?

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Personal Number Recognition.

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Red: Stop Single Yellow: Stop at.the next signal Double Yellow: Stop at the signal after the next Green...

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How to reach the following place in ernakulam,guide me from ernakulam town railway station,pls help me.?

How to reach the following place in ernakulam,guide me from ernakulam town railway station Ashir Bhavan, Kacherippadi, Banerji Road, Ernakulam,Cochin 1)say me the town bus routes from ernakulam railway station and ernakulam main bus stand to the above...



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Why are weighing machines installed on the platforms of Indian railways?

I am curious that what led Indian Railways to install them and who designed them? You stand on these machines and then insert rupees 1...the machine pops out cardboard card that tells your weight along with a ACTOR NAME along with his qualities.... Example...


But they haven't been very profitable in recent times. In 2013, a Western Railway official quoted that...

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INDIAN RAILWAY: Do we have an alternative for traveling in India?

INDIAN RAILWAY has one of the biggest rail networks in the world and is said to be the best way to travel within India. However I am wondering about the air connectivity in India.. can anyone please help if I can visit all places big and small by airlines...


Flights are available for most cities. However, you may have to depend on train service for small cities...

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Can the Indian Railways keep all the railway stations neat & clean?

Congratulations to our railway minister for creating a committee to clean the Indian railway stations. Is it possible to clean all the Indian railway statations? It is a good idea to clean all the Indian railway stations


If there is a will there is a way .We are committed for cleanliness and will achieve the same to show...

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These few months Indian Railway Reservation is always Houseful. What is the solution?

See the Reservation List of Indian Railways during these seasons---from Durga Puja Festival up to end of December, especially for the purpose of touring Northern India. No seat is vacant there. Almost every seat is reserved except a few. You will see...


Hi, I understand your problem buddy! Moreover, it is difficult to stand in queues & wait for your...

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Should Indian Railways open more ticket counters (reserved and unreserved) in dense residential areas to avoid crowd at their small reservation centres at railway stations?

Large cities have residential areas spread across the city but hardly has 2 reservation centres; one at the station. As a result, we find crowd at the reservation centre at the railway station and at unreserved ticket counters. why not have plenty of...


Recently I went to Haryana.  There I found that unreserved tickets can be purchased at private shops...

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Whether indian railway reservation system has been converted into dalal railway reservation system?

I have not been able to get tatkal reservation from ticket counter from last five month even at the opening of ticket counter of railway station.I was the second man at counter to ...show more


I agree with you. Many dalals have setting with the railway people. But some do hardwork of getting...

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Distance Between Tracks Indian Railway?

I found that the distance between the tracks in the US railway is 143.5 cm or 4ft and 8.5 inches and reason is historical. Anybody knows is the Distance Between Tracks Indian Railway same? Please give me an answer with the relevant link to authenticate...


The distance between tracks in Indian Railway is 1676 millimetres (5 ft. 6 inches) Please check the...

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