What does it mean when a patent fee status has lapsed?

Let’s learn what does it mean when a patent fee status has lapsed. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by info.legalzoom.com.

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What Do I Do if My Patent Lapses? | LegalZoom: Legal Info

The inventor or patent owner must pay maintenance fees to the USPTO to avoid having a utility or plant patent lapse. Fees ... Patent. If your patent has ... Status ...


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What is the drafting provisional patent application for a business method/process?

So I've doing some research and reading on provisional patent application. I've found that some people use software such as Patent Wizard to help them draft a provisional patent application and use an attorney to review the application. Before taking...


I am happy to provide an updated answer for this question as the Supreme Court issued an opinion in...

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On paylease.com what does it mean when it says your payments status is "returned'?

A little over a month ago I made a payment for my application fee to my apartment. I just now looked at my payment history cuz I just paid my security deposit and first months rent and it said that my application fee payment was "returned"...


Sounds like your check bounced.

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What does Google's patent on web based translation mean for WordLens?

Google got the patent for web-based translation (http://gigaom.com/2011/01/25/goo...). Does this mean that WordLens needs to pay them a licensing fee?


I am not an attorney but I read the patent and conclude that WordLens is not infringing on Google's...

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Is there any lender that could a approve a home loan with a "Disputed Status" remark on credit report?

Any Credit Expert? Real Estate Professional? Loan Officer? Underwriter? Lender? Lawyer? Please let me know if you can help. I truly appreciate your inputs on the following mortgage issue: I am in the process of buying a house at this time with a very...


Since you're getting the runaround from the credit bureaus, you should contact a real estate attorney...

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Is certification "really" extra?? Used car price negotiations..

Found a car I like that is listed, as a certified vehicle, with a certain price on the dealer website. We negotiated a price to my liking, I had a mechanic check it out and right before I was going to sign, the sales manager said they would *add* a certification...


Car manufacturers (particularly Toyota) have realized that they can advertise "certified"...

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Hi all please my wife just filed for me to adjust my current f1-visa status to a 'permanent resident'?

.However our application was rejected as we erroneously sent the wrong fee.Now we are being asked to refile with the right fee(to resubmit application with the right fee).Does this mean i can send back the SAME doc to them with the correct fee or do...


You can send the same one. I had to refile mine as well.

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Cal State LA questions..?

Does anyone know what CSULA's out of state acceptance rate is like? Also, I applied in late October of this year and it gave me a site to go to, to check my application status. For a long time my application status was at 'complete' but suddenly it to...


The Cal State schools are OK but are not worth the money for paying the out of state tuition rates....

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University Acceptance question!?

okay so I applied to Dal and have everything needed in the application (letter, fee, HS marks sent, ontario uni number) but it still says "Incomplete items outstanding." Im above cut-off range and also under decision it says "Written Notification...


It sounds like they are still reviewing your application and other documents. "Written notification...

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