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The internal affairs (United States terminology) division of a law enforcement agency investigates incidents...

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What are some documented cases of internal affairs (at police departments) being corrupt?

We all know that internal affairs is supposed to stop police corruption, but have there ever been cases where even internal affairs was corrupt and looked the other way when police ...show more


Internal afairs is just there to protect the police from law suits and do cover up work for bad officers...

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If I complain to Internal Affairs, what are the chances that I'll be sued?

If I complain to Internal Affairs regarding being mistreated or neglected -- by multiple officers -- what are the chances that I'll be sued for slander, libel, or defamation of ...show more


If your statements are false and it cna be shown that you knew they were false, about 100%. If your...

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Who was the officer in Pakistan's Internal affairs who knew 5 language back in the 90's ?

There was a officer from ministry of external affairs or internal affairs who knew 5 languages in Pakistan back in the 90's


Mustapha Khidiwinkh

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Should Jewish Rabbis meddle in purely internal affairs of the Catholic Church?

http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/10/1… The link is an old but still relevant. It appears that some Jews are trying to influence the Catholic Church on how it should carry out its own affairs. Why do they oppose the attempts of the Church to...


I am Catholic and I have avoided going to the services of the SPPX or SSPX (Society of St, Pius X) since...

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How would American's react to external intervention in their internal affairs?

How would ordinary Americans react if in the other side of the world a group of powerful people decided that it is time for a regime change and let's overthrow Obama, by stirring things in the internal affairs of America and if all fails let's bomb America...


Well, Obama only has three years left in office. So there will be regime change soon enough. (Although...

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What do you consider the two best objections to the idea that one state of affairs is better than another?

Discuss what you consider the best two objections to the idea that one state of affairs is better than another if and only if the aggregate of pleasure experienced by all sentient beings in the former state of affairs is greater than the aggregate of...


Objection? Who would object to normative standards? It is only without such standards that one could...

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Internal affairs answers to who?

Who does internal affairs answer to?


State Attorney General--my best guess. Highly unlikely they would answer to Feds.

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Number for internal affairs?

how do i find a phone number for internal affairs for maricopa county in arizona??


call the police non emergency number and ask for it. you can get the non emergency number by calling...

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