What is a good wireless router for my Dsl?

Let’s learn what is a good wireless router for my Dsl. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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What would be a good router to go with a DSL Modem (Actiontec) for setting up a wireless network?

I'm using a Qwest broadband internet connection. I've been thinking about using a Netgear wireless G router, would one of those work? This is probably an obvious question but I'm kind of a noob when it comes to this.


Which Qwest modem do you have? If you have the M1000 you can add wireless by purchasing the Wireless...

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Need a good wireless router/DSL modem combo?

I'm looking to replace my old wireless-g router/dsl modem with a wireless-n router/dsl modem. Does anyone know of a good one with excellent range? My router is downstairs with my main computer but I use my laptop and PS3 upstairs and they're on opposite...


I use and recommend this combo. Router Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router With SpeedBooster Model:...

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What type of wireless router do I need for AT&T DSL?

I currently have an AT&T ADSL2+Router. I want to go wireless so that I may use a laptop. AT&T wants $120.00 for a Gateway 2 Wire Router. I do not want to spend this much because I havent had the current modem even 6 months and paid 75.00 for...


Any of them will work.

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What can I do to improve the speed on my DSL wireless router when I move another part of the house?

DSL speed is 2Mbps Router is a D-link Dir 300 Signal is strong from 3 or 4 bars. Distance from router about 7-11 yards. (I'm only guessing) No problems inside and upstairs but the outside where I can see the router is a bit of the problem.


They are not meant to go very far. Once you get outside, the signal, by design, is meant to drop off...

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How do I know what land line phone I need to buy to connect (wireless) to my DSL router (PK5000)?

I only have one phone jack in my house (in the basement) and don't want to pay to have additional jacks installed. My service provider said my wireless router had the capability to connect wirelessly to a phone anywhere in my house. The problem is I...


If you truly have only one phone jack in the basement, you'd better look around, learn to run wires...

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What's the best Wireless Router to get so my PS3 connects with my DSL modem in our office 25 ft. away?

We have a DSL in our office, set up for our computer. But we were wondering how we can get it so our PS3 in our family room (roughly 25ft away) can be connected through our DSL ...show more


Linksys DSL/ADSL wireless router with range extender would do much. Price should be around $130. (This...

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What is a good brand for a dsl modem/router combo?

I have at&t dsl and I would like to know what a reliable, somewhat inexpensive modem/router combo


D-Link (remember to get wireless N)

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mines excellent never broke or anything gets conected straight away when its needed

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LAN means Local Area Network and there are quite a few different type of wireless cable router depending...

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You can not connect a DSL modem/Router to a Cable modem the are two completely different devices. Basically...

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