What is a job similar to a medical writer?

Let’s learn what is a job similar to a medical writer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by bls.gov.

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Technical Writers : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S ...

Technical writers, ... state and area for technical writers. Similar Occupations. Compare the job ... about technical writers, visit. American Medical Writers ...


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What is a good side job to pursue for one who wants to become a writer?

I'm a junior in college, majoring in Psychology. I now know that this was a stupid choice, and I want to either change my major to English or to find a different subject to major in that will get me a job. I'm just wondering what a good job would be...


Completely agree! I'm the third kind sorta, but I don't like to ruin my books by dog-earing or highlighting...

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How much money would a writer for vogue magazine make? and what exact requirement's are needed for that job?

my dream career would be a writer with vogue magazine i love fashion its my life i design clothes and sew and i love writing as well throughout high school i was known for my fashion sense and my large vocabulary i took AP lit and journalism and tutored...


You need at least a Masters in Journalism. Refer to this chart for pay info: http://www.payscale.com...

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What can I writer on my CV in my personal statement that will help me get this job?

the job is a customer advisor...for a phone company, just a basic job, answering telephones etc, i need some help on what to write on my CV personal statement?? please help


you can get help from international job site ... http://www.netmoneymaking.biz/it-jobs.html

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What kind of job can I do that I can be a writer and still make a good salary?

My professor says that I am talented in my writing and that I should persue a career in writing. I write poems and short stories. What profession besides a bok/novel writer can I do? ...show more


The very best advice I can give you is to train for a job which allows you to earn money and write in...

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I've got writer's block at my new job. How to un-clog?

I'm struggling with my new job as a writer for an university's public relations office, because of a number of reasons. More under the fold. I've landed a new job in the spring at an university's Public Relations office with the job title of "Copywriter...


If you are one of two writers, you are very unlikely to be able to evolve this job into a non-writing...

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How does a new writer out of school and not eligible for internships, get a job like writer's assistant/PA/etc.?

I was asked for help on this but I didn't work this route. I have a former intern who has prod. assistant experience not writer's asst. She wants to work as writer's assistant, writer's pa and wants to know how to get in the door. Receptionist at a lit...


1. She needs to live in L.A. 2. She needs to make friends (if she wants to work on a comedy, she needs...

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ASPIRING WRITER. wife wants to me take A BANAL JOB. i've refused?

I'm a 37yr old aspiring writer. I'm married this past 7yrs. Before getting married, the arrangement between my wife and I was that I would not be bound by the restraints of a job and I would concentrate wholly on my writing. We have 5 children, they...



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Which country is better for getting a Technical Writer job - Canada or Australia? Thanks?

I have 4 years and 1 month of experience as a Technical Writer. I want to know which country is better for getting a Technical Writer job - Canada or Australia? Thanks


Canada unemployment rate = 7.6% Australia only = 4.9% (that's a big difference)

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I am a good writer and I want to find a job where I primarily just write but I don't have any work experience.?

I am a skilled writer and I write many letters and documents in my current job but I would prefer to have a job where that is all I do. I have been told by many that my writing is ...show more


If u wana earn money online working from home then u can joint the online money making programs listed...

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