What is a really good restaurant in Frankfurt?

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Travelling to Frankfurt. Can anyone give me some ideas of what to do?

Hello!!! I´m travelling to Frankfurt tomorrow and I would like to know some good places to go to like: bars, discos, restaurant´s, etc. If anyone has been there, can you tell me what is the city like, the people, etc. Thankyou :)


Frankfurt is a small city, easy to get around and with plenty to do. Westend is full of clubs and restaurants...

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Good restaurant for food and wine in Frankfurt?

We will go on an art tour in a big group of 13 people. First stop is Frankfurt. We love food and wine. We need a place where we can sit comfortably at a reasonable price. Any ...show more


Rathsskellar restaurant in Bad Hersfeld. Last time I was there was in 1974. Frankfurt all of em. Bring...

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in frankfurt, there's this korean restaurant. its near the main train station, walking distance. about...

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Not located on Highway 65 in Frankfort, IN. Nearest match; Subway - 1431 E Wabash St Frankfort, IN ...

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Good stop from Venice to Frankfurt?

I live in Wiesbaden, and my husband are taking a pretty long trip around Europe. Our last long drive will be from Venice, Italy back to Wiesbaden (right near Frankfurt, Germany). Any suggestions on where to stop that's almost right on the way? Either...


If you didn't go to Neuschwanstein when you were in Munich, Füssen is right on the route from Venice...

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Does anyone know of a Jamaican restaurant in Germany?

I'm currently living in Germany (close to Frankfurt) and I am looking for a Jamaican or caribbean restaurant/bakery. Can anyone help? Thank you.


your best bet is to search recipes on foodtv.com and try them yourself with some friends, the only thing...

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The best deal for Secret Restaurant Recipes?

I have searched all over the internet for the absolute best offer. So far the best I found was at http://moveto.ws/9vn704gpd Anyone know of a better deal? I have searched: burger queen secret recipe restaurant recipes restaurant recipes com the cheesecake...


for ten dolla, you can have the ultimate secret recipe. Just send money!

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Is Transit visa required at Frankfurt while traveling from India to Paris via Frankfurt?

My flight is from Mumbai (India) to Paris with change of flights at Frankfurt (Germany). I have a Schengen visa from France. I have no intention of leaving Frankfurt airport as my connecting flight to Paris is within 90 minutes. My Mumbai- Frankfurt...


you will find out when you check in, they wouldn,t let you board the plane as it.s theirs responsible...

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How do I express my displeasure at a maitre d' of a restaurant?

I made a reservation for 2 at 7pm at the restaurant (Osteria of Palo Alto, by the way), which was accepted.  When I arrived with my party exactly at 7, I wasn't seated even though there were many empty seats.  Others were let in ahead when they knew...


Since the experience is over (and it's probably safe to say you won't be going back), get it all off...

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