What is a yahoo finance portfolio for?

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What is wrong with Yahoo Finance - Portfolio?

I have used Yahoo Finance - Portfolio since 1997 There have been problems over the last couple of months: Constant redirects to verify your password, server issues and today -- it ...show more


I know that this is very frustrating. It is because of all this pulse bs, this is causing annoying glitches...

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What changed recently in the My Portfolio views of Yahoo Finance that the numbers are so faint?

The numbers displayed in any of the Position views of Yahoo Finance Portfolios recently changed to be very faint and dim. The red and green numbers representing each of my funds ...show more


need a new monitor... it is dying

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What is wrong with yahoo finance page portfolio?

does not down load my portfolio


same problem.. Portfolios don't load. Works with google chrome.

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What's up with yahoo finance portfolio drop down menu not working?

when I click on portfolio tab I get a server not working page. all other tabs are working


Workaround: click on "Manage all" then click on the name of the Portfolio (which is a link...

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What happened to my portfolio on Yahoo Finance?



Mine (one) still there - but I cannot select Portfolios from the pull down menu... menu is greyed out...

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Alternative for lost My Yahoo / Yahoo Finance Portfolio Widget functionality in the new My Yahoo?

It used to be the My Yahoo Portfolio widget could: 1) show $ gain/loss based on holdings 2) show multiple portfolios with gain/loss for each portfolio The new My Yahoo Portfolio ...show more


Did you ever get an answer to the Portfolio widget? Mine doesn't let me add my stocks back - or doesn...

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Does the yahoo finance app track your portfolio's total value?

I have the Yahoo finance app and I have a portfolio in yahoo finance. The app knows which stocks are in my portfolio, but why doesn't it tell me the total value?


try beatthebenchmark.net it does allow you to do it

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Is yahoo finance ever going to fix quotes and portfolio manager for CWB?

Is yahoo finance ever going to fix it so the quotes and portfolio manager can display data about CWB: SPDR Barclays Capital Convertible Sec NYSE Arca:CWB? Until yesterday it was in my portfolio. Now it says no such security.


On the Yahoo Charts Page, down on the right is ..."Send Feedback".

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Yahoo finance "my portfolio", how do re-order the portfolios?

In yahoo finance, you can create many portfolio to track stock/ETC/Mutual fund. After you create multiple portfolio, how do you order them?


Whose freaking Idea was this "NEW" website page????? Someone ought to be fired!!!!!! Can't...

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The format of my portfolio in Yahoo Finance has recently been changed. How can I get it in the old format?

I have set up a portfolio in Yahoo Finance for tracking market fluctuations. I see a change in display format of my portfolio. I am not comfortable with it. I cannot see ...show more


Good luck. Yahoo made the "mistake" of giving people the option to use their new home page...

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