What is big bird's dogs name?

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Barkley is the name of the big, fluffy dog that travels around with Big Bird in Sesame Street.

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Horses have certain pet names, so do dogs and so do cats. Even birds. What do owners of camels name their pet?

camel that is old, tired and slow. Camels also are named for the way they drink water: • "Al Gasreed" - when a camel does not drink much water. • "Al Ghab" - when a camel drinks once every two days. • "Al Rabea" - when a...



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Questions on Pekin Duck Safety around different aged dogs/puppies. : )?

To start off , please don't get mad because it's under dogs. This has to do with dogs. ( : I want two ducklings in April , I've had a pekin duckling before. His name was Harley and he loved my cat. I have a few questions.Don't tell me not to get the...


Sorry but you can train out instinct. Dogs instinctively attack animals they perceive as prey. You will...

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Hi I got A question if somebody can help me out with? I got two dogs. A Weimeraner and A German Shepherd? I?

in California in the High Desert. My question is I Walk/Run my dogs everyday for exercise for me and them. I let them off the leashes where nobody is around. They like to chase after squirrels,birds, jackrabbits, Lizards, Sankes (non Vemones) etc. Well...


Just call the vet and ask them. But i don't think so, specially science you take them for check ups...

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Anyone got a good name for a Blue and Gold Macaw?

I'm 14 and yes I know it's crazy but I've done all my research and I'm getting the bird next week and will be hand rearing it on 3 feeds a day my family have promised to help me with it while I'm at school and yes it will have the run of the house and...


prince... sargent blue , captain , king arthur, buddy, billy bob, jim bob, ,buster

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How to stop dog from killing black birds?

OK, we have a Shepherd Mix dog who likes to chase birds that have nested in our tree. Last year he killed several of the birds(Can't be sure how many). He killed the babies and killed one or both of the parents. And now some blackbirds have taken over...


My shepherd does this too. I asked the vet. He said you can go to a trainer who can work with the dog...

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What should i name my black kitten?

so this a unique sad, yet semi happy story. I've been wanting a kitten for about a year now and my mom and dad has always said no. my other cat, bellamoo, is fixed so there was no home of her meeting some dude cat and the birds and bees happening......


Well...all kittens have blue eyes when they first open them, so you don't want to base the name on that...

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Why some birds disappeared?

I have a small farms 40 km (25 miles) far from Curitiba city, in Brrazil. Three months ago there was a lot of Bare-throated Bellbir birds (latin name: Procnias nudicollis) singing at the trees. Past month I brought to the small farm 3 dogs. It was also...


I am not familiar with the bird called the Bare-throated Bellbir. I tried to find it in my books and...

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What is a good name for a photography business?

I'm not widely known, but I have had success selling my photography and I'd like to have a name for it. I mostly do pictures of animals - my own horses, my parrots, wild birds, insects, spiders, dogs, and a lot of aquatic and semi-aquatic life (rivers...


Your Name Photography. You establish yourself as a brand and you have room for flexibility should you...

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Name for a pet store?

I am opening a pet store. Everything is pretty much lined up. The hard part for me is naming it. I cannot think of a catchy name for my store. I am going to carry supplies for all animals (dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, etc...). I am going to sell fresh...


My company is called Bright Eyes 'n Bushy Tails. It is a trademark. If you use it, I WILL file suit...

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