What is it called when you don't have a knuckle?

Let’s learn what is it called when you don't have a knuckle. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Is this a Dislocated knuckle?

Last night i punched a tree very hard. Don't ask why. I felt no pain and my hand blew up like a balloon, turned very discoloured and deformed and felt very weird. My friend took me into his house and sat some ice on it for like half an hour. They called...


Hi: By what you are describing it would be important to discard a "Boxers fracture" (http...

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There could be many things wrong if you can bend back your knuckle. You'll need to consult with a doctor...

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Wot iz dis song called an hu is it by: dont you know that i love you baby...?

i herd dis song but dont know hu its by or wot its called: dont u k now dat i lurv u babi, dont u know dat i need u babi, dont u know qqwwwww dont u know owww plz help me find da ...show more


You need to take en English class and brush up on your spelling 'cuz' it sucks.

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Steve Perry, Don't Stop Believing.

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Got called for an audtion at John Robert's Powers. Dont want to pay for classes, will i be called for audition?

I dont want to pay a dime for acting classes, I already know perfectly well how to do so. However, I just got called to audition at John Roberts Powers, will i be called the to audition for modeling and acting without having enrolled at the school? Much...


I'd recommend you skip the JRP audition, altogether, since that company has nothing to offer you. There...

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Why dont I get called for jobs?

I'm 24 y/o. I have been unemployed for almost a year and now Ive moved to a different city and still unemployed. I have applied EVERYWHERE. Literally. i have held very important jobs in the past. Specially my last job, it was a big deal. But the office...


ur lazy

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I need a part for my 2002 mercury mountaineer... Its called a spindle or a knuckle...?

Im having a difficult problem gettin the part because they say I need a measurement, I dont know how to get the measurement its either 15mm stud in the toe link or 17mm stud in the toe link I dont know what that is or how I would go about measuring it...


You need to get a cheap pair of dial calipers that shows milimeters.. Where the stud that's on the end...

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