What is some cool stuff to do in Seattle?

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Some cool stuff to see/do in seattle ?

like not shopping or drinking or eating....i mean some cool/wacky/interesting stuff to see that wouldnt be in a guidebook


The Seattle Science Center, Pike Place Market, Museum of Flight, The Woodland Park Zoo, The Space Needle...

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What is some cool stuff to do do in seattle?

I am going to spend a week in Seattle with my sister this summer and i need some stuff to do but I have already done most of the usual stuff(space needle, pike place market, underground, etc.) so I am not sure what there is to do.


Take a 'Mighty Ducks" tour, visit Qwest Field and Safeco Field, take a lunch cruise around the...

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Cool stuff to see in Seattle

What interesting/unusual things can we do for a weekend in Seattle? Looking for something outside of shopping and the typical tourist stuff. Going to be in Seattle for a couple days with my friend and we were planning on doing some outdoorsy stuff, but...


This specific weekend includes the Seattle International Film Festival, one of the largest film festivals...

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What's some fun stuff to do in Seattle?

3 other guys and I are going to Seattle the end of this month, and two of them have never been there before. I know I have to take 'em on the Space Needle and to Pike place market and all the regular tourist places, but what's some other fun stuff to...


Hmm, some fun things you might want to do are: Visit the first Starbucks (This is great if you are a...

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what's the best way to get my stuff from Japan to Seattle?

International Shipping... I am preparing to leave Japan and move back to the United States within the next year. The problem: I have quite a bit of stuff that I would like to take back. Mostly it is audio equipment and pieces of technology. While most...


This company advertises in Kansai Time Out magazine. Book rates ask directly at your post office. I...

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What is the nightlife like in Seattle? Looking for some crazy stuff!?

What is the party scene in seattle like? Trying to have a REALLY good time, are there places where i can do that? I've seen on other sites how they say Seattle only has a lot of BARS but not really party party clubs like this? http://www.youtube.com...


Trinity Nightclub is one of my personal favourites, great environment, awesome music and great people...

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Seattle. What fun stuff to do and where to shop?

I'm going to Seattle for vaca in a couple weeks. I looked on the internet for fun things to do with my friends but there are just so many things to do. I don't have much time so I need to know what we should do. Suggestions? Also what are some good clothing...


There are a lot of things to see and do, but fortunately the main downtown area is fairly compact so...

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What are some REALLY fun stuff to do in Seattle, WA Like Near Lynnwood?

me and my kids are planning to take a trip to seattle to visit there dad and i when were there i want to have as much fun as possible :)


You don't mention how old your kids are, but here are some ideas: Go west to nearby Edmonds or Mukilteo...

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What's the best way to sell off my stuff in Seattle?

Hello! I have recently gone through everything I want to get rid of. It is all in a pile and I need to find out what method I should use. Should I consign it? Yard sale? I don't know. I wanna get as much money as possible out of it because I want to...


Craigslist is probably the largest venue for selling your used items. Garage sale season is coming up...

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Seattle, West Edge neighborhood. Need suggestions on where to buy stuff, services, parks, etc.

[Seattle filter] We just moved to the West Edge neighborhood in Seattle, near Pike Street Market. Need suggestions on where to buy stuff, services, parks, etc. We've been in Seattle for two days and we love it. 1. Need place to stock up on groceries...


I'll assume you can get a map... 1) There's a Trader Joe's on Madison and 17th. Parking is tight during...

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