What is the average salary of a lawyer in South Africa?

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What is a monthly salary of a lawyer in south africa?

any information about the life of a lawyer would be good


More money then you will ever see.

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What is the average salary of a corporate lawyer right out of law school?

Im in my senior year of high school and i want to become a corporate lawyer. How much time does it take to become a corporate lawyer? and what is the salary of a corporate lawyer right out of law school. And how hard is it to get into a firm???


Corporate law is a very well-paid and exceptionally competitive field. Average salaries run around ...

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What is the annual salary for a corporate lawyer in canada?

im doing a project and need to answer a salary question but when i go to different websites they give me all different information:( i need to find the salary for starting lawyer and like what you get when you are a certified lawyer


$60,000 for a first year corporate lawyer should be close. Every business competes for the best graduates...

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Criminal defense lawyer salary?

Top firms pay lawyers $160,000 a year. Okay. Lawyers represent clients, and these clients have to pay their lawyer. If I am a lawyer for Firm X, and I win a $75-million-dollar lawsuit, don't I get a piece of that? But what if I dont get called for any...


No..if you don't get your cases, you get fired...it's pretty simple...law firms want lawyers who bring...

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Annual salary of a corporate lawyer?

I recently searched online what the annual salary of a corporate lawyer would be because I decided a long time agoI want to be a corporate lawyer when I grow up (I'm 14) because I ...show more


It depends on where you go and how good you are. Your first couple years as any type of lawyer, with...

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What is the salary for a lawyer?

Wat is a salary for a lawyer Wat requirement do u need to be a lawyer


its commision so it depends on what cases that you win.

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Could differences in lawyer salary be a metric on how just the justice system of a country is?

For the justice system to be just it should be objective and not dependent on humans. If this where so, no lawyer could be better than any other and since no-one would be preferable the market would set their salaries to the same amount. I'm not saying...


No. The premise of the question is wrong on so many things. First, here are a few of the many factors...

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Prosecutor/Lawyer in South Africa?

I was wondering how much does a prosecutor and/or lawyer get paid in South Africa? How is the system for becoming a lawyer different from that of the US?


The system is the same, go to Law School or accredited University and pass the bar. If you have backing...

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We're accepting the meh lawyer salary - but what else to negotiate?

My significant other got a full-time job offer from the small law firm they've been working at part time. Yay! But the salary offer is just meh. What other perks should we be asking for? My SO has been working at minimum wage, 15-20 hours a week, for...


Wow, I think many people are about to chime in and say be grateful for the job. Maybe in time ask for...

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Good salary in south africa?

Hi, please can someone enlighten me. My husband and I are moving to South Africa (he is a South African national) from the UK. We've both had job offers, him earning R20,000 a month, and me R50,000 a month. Before we finally confirm, I just want to know...


Hello :) He's R50 000 is great, yours in okay, R70 000 p/m is really good :) Things in SA is also generally...

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