What is the average salary of an RN with A.A.S degree?

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ADN earning: $52,330 in May 2004. The middle 50% earned btw $43,370 and $63,360. BSN Salary Ranges Based...

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Salary for an rn with an associate's degree and rn with a bachelors degree?

How much more does a rn with a bachelor's degree make than a rn with an associate's degree?


My mom got her bachelor's after becoming an RN with the associates and she only got about a 50 cent...

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Is there a difference in salary if you're an RN (Registered Nurse) with a Bachelor's or Associate's degree?

I know that you cannot transfer to grad school if you have an Associate's, but I heard somewhere that "An RN is an RN, the degree doesn't matter." Is this true? I ...show more


An Associates degree in Nursing prepares one to take the Registered Nursing Licensing examination. Once...

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What is the yearly salary for registered burn nurses and do I need a masters degree in science to be a RN in burn unit?

I'm currently attending college for nursing. I want to be a registered burn nurse, in minnesota. I keep researching the salary for minnesota but it is confusing. its says $38,000 but that definitely does not sound right considering LPN's make that amount...


The average annual salary is about $151139. A masters degree will be an added advantage as the current...

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Would a BA in Lingustic be benefit a person with a AAS in Computer Forensic by salary or anything else?

Would a BA in Lingustic be beneficial for a person with a AAS in Computer Forensic by salary or anything else? Can this type of person work elsewhere other than the legal field for example business wise? What if it's not a AAS in Computer Forensics,...


Nope. Trust me. It's about as useful as a chocolate tea pot. Experience is what matters.

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Nursing degrees...associate RN vs. BSN Bachelors RN?

I am wanting to know the difference between an associates RN degree (AAS) and the RN Bachelors Degree in nursing (BSN). Both are RN degrees, I just want to know if one is better than ...show more


Here you can find your desired information http://mynursingschoolsonline.com

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In terms of being a regular staff nurse, little to none. My hospital pays BSN's $1 more than ADNs. The...

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i am going to be home in anchorage alaska for at least a year, and i figured while i'm p here i might as well make use of my time and get a degree, i found 2 different associates degree programs that finish up in roughly a yr. #1: criminal justice or...


first you know what interest you got are you able communicated to people outsider without fear u can...

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Associates to Bachelor's Degree?

I currently in possession of a AAS, Associates Degree in Applied Science (office Technology) but sadly since graduating college in 2007 have never found a job with it and have worked in Customer service. Since loosing my job at the beginning of the year...


There is a community college [CC] program in medical insurance billing - that is an area that is always...

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Are there any schools in Minnesota to get a 2 year RN degree without doing the LPN aspect first?

I will have an AAS degree in Medical Assisting, and am looking to go on for my RN, but am having a hard time finding a school that offers just the RN program online or evening and ...show more


You won't find any for entry level RN online with just a Medical Assisting cert. You should have done...

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