What is the best acne dark spot remover?

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Acne spot remover help?

i keeping popping my acne and i now i have black spots on my nose and chin i tried proactive lightining treatment it didnt work for me is there a safe a kind of fast but really good product that will work good. how do i get rid of them i will also like to know some natural products.dosent have to help my acne to it can dosent have to.


Acne spots are aftermath of agitations. The way we Dermatologists get rid of them is by using tone/bleach...

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A dark spot remover containing vitamin E will help reduce acne scars. For clearer skin, take a flaxseed...

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Whats a better zit zapper Clearasil acne control (tinted) or origins spot remover?

I have a problem where i get a zit and it won't go away for about 1-2 weeks! So I was researching and I came across these to products. It's okay if you haven't tried both but if you just tried one then tell me if it worked for you! But I don't want anyone...


Clearasil acne control (tinted) is for black people. Get the Clearasil acne control (un tinted) ......

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It is predicted by The Economist, that Australia's current account deficit will be 5.7% of Gross Domestic...

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What are some products i could use that could help my acne and the little spots i have from left over acne?

i get acne occasionaly, i dont have bad acne just little ones. i have combination skin. i used proactiv for about a year and it worked but i became really red and once the acne died down it left little dark spots(acne marks) because of this ive been...


You can try out the Exposed acne treatment. Here is a review of it. Top rated everywhere. http://www...

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Who has cured their acne naturally?

Alright, so I started getting a few pimples in high school. At first I accepted it because I understood a lot of teens would get pimples here and there and I had long hair at the time and I wouldn't pay attention to exercising, eating well, and sleeping...


do some research on these natural cures: cleansing: OCM - oil cleansing method oatmeal cleanser masks...

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Dark spots left behind due to acne?

I am 15 years old and when I was younger, I had problems with acne. I used to pick at my pimples and this left behind dark spots that I am unable to get rid of. I usually hide them with makeup but I really would like them to just be gone. Does anyone...


Vitamin E oil is pretty inexpensive and is known to help with acne scars. The best thing that I have...

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Deep cleansing wash, dark spot corrector, or refining mask?

Im 14 and don't have awful acne but have alot around my nose and HATE it! im ordering proactiv and have a choice between the extra's, deep cleansing wash, refining mask, or dark spot remover. Which would you perfer/recomend?


use Neutrogena deep cream cleanser, QUeen helen mint mask and Garnier dark remover.

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How to get rid of my acne? what am i doing wrong?

okay so ive had acne for about 3 years now like realy bad on cheeks,chin and forehead on my cheeks they are like bubble spots and on my forehead they are like you can feel them but there just red dots(cantexplain) and on my chin they were just normal...


Acne can actually be pretty bad in some cases. I was one of those ppl everyone hated (all in fun) at...

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How do I get rid of my acne!?!?!?

So I'm a 13 almost 14 year old girl and as I know it is perfectly normal to have acne or spots of it. However I was wondering if there was anything I could do about it that didn't require me spending a ton of money. I mean I use Neutrogena's Deep Clean...


rubbing alcohol. it works!

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