What is the best free website for advertising electrical items for sale apart from Ebay and Gumtree in London?

Let’s learn what is the best free website for advertising electrical items for sale apart from Ebay and Gumtree in London. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Im a new seller on Ebay. The items Ive sold, the amount in my PayPal Account is different to the final sale?

I've recently signed up to Ebay. I've sold 2 items and the amount that has been transferred to my PayPal account is slightly different to the amount I sold them for on Ebay. For example, the first item sold for £25 plus £5 allowance for Postage...


The paypal fee is taken from each transaction, much easier that way, saves em sending you a bill every...

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What is a good website or company to purchase items wholesale to sale at tradesdays?

My sister and I are wanting to start a business selling homemade necklaces and other items but we don't currently have to funds to start purchasing items. We decided to sell premade items first to get a little bit of money going so that we can afford...


for more help ; open the third & sixth link in: www.sos-business.co.cc

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How many new items come on gumtree london everyday?

roughly can someone give a number. if i said ebay maybe people would say 10 million for example so can you give a rough number for gumtree london for how many new advertesments come in per day.


Could you be more specific - are you looking for new advertisements in a particular section or on the...

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Where else can you sale items online at besides ebay.?

Im looking for an online website that I can sale items on. Not ebay. I'm familiar with amazon, and yahoo. But are they anything else. The person that has the best list. Wins. ...show more


AMAZON.com policeauctions.com wholesale match.com cafepress.com

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Gumtree, ebay are there any others for london?

Hi, I'm trying to sell my ipod and I was wondering does anyone know any classified ads website in london. I don't want to list it on ebay as they will end up taking 24%. If you know any others please let me know Thanks


OzAdz - It's a new up and coming classifieds site.

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If I am claiming Job Seekers Allowance, can I sell bits and bobs (LOW value items) on eBay and Gumtree?

Hello, for the first time in my life, I have been on JSA (contributions based) for 5 months; depressingly. (I've never been out of work this long) Anyway, I have been selling bits and bobs from the the attic/storage on eBay: 5 May 2011 £4.50 ...


The selling of personal items does not constitute earning an income, rarely are there circumstances...

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How do I remove items that I put for sale on ebay?

I put my textbook for sale on ebay and I received a message from someone who wanted to buy it immediately (since they needed it for school). How do I remove that item for sale? Or how do I just give that item to my buyer? There are still 4 days left...


Revise your listing to add the BUY IT NOW price (provided there are no bids on it otherwise it wont...

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Do you have to PAY on ebay to post items for sale?

Hello I am trying to sell some random items on ebay. Do I have to pay a certain percentage like Amazon to list my items or pay a base amount for any item? How does it work and please fill me in. Thank you


yes. you have a small "insertion" fee, and another upon closing of auction. plus if you get...

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I have two (2) undelivered purchases from donvincentdiamonds. Now I see he no longer has items for sale-ebay?

Item #8934870884 5/15/06 $31.95 item #8943849136 6/09/06 $29.95 These items were paid for but never received. Now he has no items listed on ebay. Is he out of business? How ...show more


lesson learned, always remember, Let The Buyer Be Ware!!

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