What is the best grade in school?

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it depends on system, 12th grade commonly

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What is the best way to teach science to grade school children?

My preschooler is friends with an older neighbor kid who is very excited about science--it's his favorite subject in school.  He's always telling us what he learned, but it's usually science facts that are not correct.  For instance, that when we die...


Provide a mix of facts and hand-on experience.  Correct errors.  The Socratic method leads students...

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What do you think is the best grade span in an elementary school?

I was just wondering what your thoughts are on this. Would you say K-3, K-5, K-6, or K-8 is the best grade span for an elementary school. Anyone is welcome to answer this, but I'm especially looking for a teachers' perspective. Our school system has...


We had K-5 which I thought was fine. K-3 seems... well, silly. Is there a big difference in 3rd graders...

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My daughter is failing the 6th grade what should i do ?is there summer school online whitch one is best ??

Its very importent that she passes the 6th grade shes already a year behind also i would like her to go to home school in 7th grade ....Do you know any online programs i would try .. ...show more


is she " special"

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What is the best method for catching up in school work and improving your grade?

I really need help. I have 3 Fs in school and I need to get them to at least Cs by the end of the school year. Thanks guys!


Find out the date when all coursework needs to be handed in by. Make a table listing all the coursework...

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What is your "BEST IN" award in Grade School?

Best in English? Best in Filipino? Most Friendly? were you really good at it? choose only one if you have more.


I didn't receive any "Best In" while I was in grade school. I remember I was a bit tomboyish...

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What is the best grade to teach in a public school?

I am currently studying to be a teacher but i am still unclear about what grade i want to teach. I live in Texas, so with being a 3rd and above teacher you are really pressured to have the students pass a certain TAKS test.


It really depends a lot on you and your personality. Some people wouldn't teach anything but junior...

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What is a fun activity for a girl and her best friend to do before school starts (there going into 7th grade)

were going into 7th grade and love hanging out with each other but dont know what to do


Maybe go to a waterpark! Thats always fun! Or maybe a Amusment park

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What is the best way to approach a school principle about having your child skip a grade?

And should this be approached at the end of a school year, or a week or two later?


Say the following: "Yo', prince, why you be dissin' my kid an' all that?! You know she should be...

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I want to move to Huston with my dad. But i dont know what is the best school. can you help? im in 7th grade.?

I need a school that have really nice ppl , which i doubt is possible. And do i have to pay my food there. well inform me please thank you~


It depends. If you want to go to a public school, I would recommend a "magnet public" school...

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