What is the best self publishing company?

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What is the best self-publishing company?

Don't worry, I'm not one of those kids who believes they'll become rich and famous by self-publishing. I would just like to surprise my parents with a bound copy of one of my novels. But I'm not sure what company to go through. I've heard good things about both Lulu.com and Createspace.com, but are there any other better companies? If not, which of those two is the best? Thanks so much for your answers!


Either one is good - but I believe Lulu.com is better for very small orders. Createspace.com assumes...

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What is the best self publishing company for a children's Book?

I wrote a children's book. Not very long. On my mac my PDF file is 10 pages long. I have an illustrator, I have an uncle who edited his own book and had his book published. I would like to do self publishing so I can have 100 of the Royalties. Of course...


PJM was not accurate. You can have higher royalties self publishing. The industry standard for a commercially...

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What is the best self publishing book company?

I have heard of several companies. What do you think is the best one?


LuLu has a good reputation www.lulu.com

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Which is the best "high quality" self publishing company?

I am looking for a very high quality printer/self publisher with excellent quality. I read in a magazine about software you can download that would enable me to do most of the work on ...show more


Since your work will feature high quality photographs, I would suggest that you go to a small operation...

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What is a good self-publishing company that has excellent illustrations/image quality?

Since I plan on also illustrating books in addition to writing them (novel format), I was wondering what is a company that has the best image quality. I have photos as well as old documents so this is why I'm concerned. thanks!


I know that Xlibris produce quality books and services. The services that they offer under their packages...

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There may not be a best.Marketing is a big key. But Booksurge is a subsidy of Amazon.You get 25% royalty...

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Publishers don't steal your work. Why not?  Because stealing is a crime. This isn't the mafia you are...

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Difference between self-publishing and publishing with a company?

Let me be more clear. What is the difference between publishing a book by myself and publishing with a company such as Harper Collins? Also what would you suggest be better?


When you publish with a company, they will cover the initial costs of printing, marketing, and distribution...

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Self publishing or through a company?

I am currently working on my first novel and was wondering which would be better to pursue. I'm very young (17) and have heard mixed things about age within a publishing company. Some say they would jump at the chance to publish someone so young, others...


If your writing is good enough to be taken seriously, then you will be taken seriously. It has nothing...

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Self Publishing Company...Paper type? lol helppp?

Ok so I want to self publish my own book, but Im really picky about paper type.. theres like the white crisp printer paper type, and then theres the creamy yellow textury paper type. Its like thick and smells like 'book'. i know this sounds really weird...


If you are looking to use Print-on-demand, it will be difficult to find that paper. Print-on-demand...

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