What is the best way to make UI for an Isometric game in Java?

Let’s learn what is the best way to make UI for an Isometric game in Java. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Game Development.

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What is the best way to make UI for an Isometric game in java

What do you think is the best way to make UI for an isometric game.. I dont have much experience in UI so im not sure where to start. I need something the mouse can interact with and that works good and fast. I already created a world that is isometric you can move and the world scrolls and stuff but i would like to start with UI and im not sure what i should do. I would like to have maybe a display that displays an image that i give it, that is part invisible, that it is on top of the main game...


The best way is to use a library designed to provide GUI functionality. This will be specific to how...

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What is the best way to Learn C++ and make a game like RuneScape?

I need to know the easiest and fastest way to Learn C++ Programming Language. You see what I want to do is make a game like RuneScape on a Java Browser on a website. I already know some HTML and very good with DOS. I have Microsoft's Visual Basic 20...


Well, it will take a while to get to that level. You can start here with these simpler C++ games: http...

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First of all,Learn Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share. It was a gigantic help with me. It taught me programmer...

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Java Die Question! Please Please help!?

Okay so the problem i received was: Write a game program that throws a die (singular for dice) until a certain number appears a given number of times in a row. The game should first prompt the client for a die face number he would like to appear in a...


import java.util.Scanner; public class Dies { Scanner input; public int dieFaceNumber; public int numberOfRow...

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Java program code

Write a java program that implements a general "Game of Life", a "cellular automaton" world consisting of a rectangular array of cells, each of which is either Alive or Dead. It is important that these guidelines for the question...


Thank you for your question. Remember please: if you have any questions or need additional features...

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You hit Duke. Duke is killed.

I'm trying to teach myself Java by writing a simple roguelike. Can you help me figure out the architecture? I'm totally new to Java. I just installed NetBeans this evening. I've been tinkering around with the Swing library. One of the reasons I want...


Program architecture is dictated in part by platform, in part by the problem you're trying to solve...

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Isn't it possible for software development IDE's to visually present information in a much more efficient way?

It seems to me that we're still stuck in an antiquated UI paradigm when it comes to software development. Innovations like those in Eclipse/VStudio (and WYSIWYG GUI designers) aside, the actual code itself is still typically viewed and manipulated as...


Where are the Human/Computer Interaction people on this? There's been a ton of research in visual programming...

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Any experienced java programmers out there with time on their hands?

I have a test at UGA this Thursday and I have this java project I need help with due this Friday. I'm looking for a java programmer who has free time on their hands, and can email with me if i run into any small problems. As a payment I will help you...


Sure... drop me a line if you need help.

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Minecraft coding: How to make objects return after use?

SUMMARY- need a way for bowls to be returned after eating food in them, need way for buckets to be used up in the crafting of an item but returned later after drinking the item, then changing an eating animation to a drinking one..... *read for more...


Im actually also new, but have spent a lot of time tinkering with this thing to make a starwars mod...

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How to save game information to file in Java?

I'm making a turn-based, text-based RPG in Java. The game itself is coming along pretty well; I can actually enjoy playing it for bit (before it gets repetitive). However, I would really love a way to save player information as they play, so they could...


There are several scenarios with perhaps xml being the most popular. Database with 'Persistence"...

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