What is the capital of Kenya?

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Nairobi. By the way, don't you think it would have been easier to get the answer from a search engine...

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What to buy on Kenya Safari?

Husband and I are visiting Kenya next year on safari. I have done some traveling, but we are pretty new at foreign travel. What are some good souvenirs to buy in Kenya? Besides the obvious of key chains and such? We are both history lovers and study...


first of all you must visit Kenya in months 7 or 8 that you can watch the cattle of immigrant animals...

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What happened to Kenya from 1998 or so to make its poverty rate rise?

So I'm going to Kenya in 5 weeks time for some work, and I'm meant to be briefing some colleagues (emphasis on brief) about some aspects of our work tomorrow. Something has leapt out at me, and I don't have the time to research it myself before presenting...


Yeah, I'm not sure I'd draw that conclusion from the data you've cited. The HDI dataset seems to be...

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What would be the best dates to watch the wildebeest migration in Kenya? is the dates guaranteed or estimated?

The annual migration of nearly 2 million wildebeest, zebras and gazelles through Tanzania and Kenya is a spectacle unlike any other. Several summers ago, my family and I witnessed the Great Migration firsthand while traveling with Marangu Shuttles on...


In a tourist aspect, animals and wildebeest migration could be the best Mara is know for. Its at the...

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What is the best tour operator in East africa (particularly Kenya?) My friends want to travel to kenya in fal?

I have always wanted to tour africa and see all the things they show in movies about lions and tigers in kenya. my brother just arrived from south africa where he says the tour ...show more


Greetings from Eldoinyo Narok Tented Camp. Ol Ndoinyo Narok Tented Camp /Lodge accommodation in Kenya...

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What should i pack to kenya as in clothes?

so im going o kneya in december this is my first time going to kenya in winter so i dont know what to pack because there in kenya it will be hot and i will have like long pants with sweaters so what should i carry!


which part of Kenya are you traveling to? if its coast bring light cloths for Mombasa is hot if its...

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What can an individual, a family, or a business in Kenya do today to prepare and adapt for the coming impacts of climate change?

Climate Change Climate change is global, no matter what the cause. The greenhouse effect - which began as a natural phenomenon - is now gathering steam. Pun intended. Thus, the average temperature in Earth's atmosphere is climbing; this is causing glaciers...


climate change is real, discipline is the key to helping the earth

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What is the citizenship of kenya?

my teacher is asking me to do a project on kenya and i was wondering to know what is the citizenship of kenya?! please help me! thanks!


Nitakufuata popote: "I will follow you anywhere." Ningekufuata popote: "I would follow...

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How much spending money and what currencies for 2 weeks in Kenya?

Im going to Kenya at the end of June for 2 weeks. I am staying at the Flamingo Beach Hotel and meals are on a full board basis. I haven't booked a safari yet as apparently they are cheaper to book when we are out there. I was thinking of taking about...


Overall sounds about right but probably wouldn't bother with so much in Kenyan Shillings. Just take...

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What is the population of kenya ?

I am currently studying keya for a solo talk in english and i need to find out a few things, what is the population of kenya ? How many tribes are there in kenya ? And where abouts in ...show more


As of 2005 the population of kenya is 32 million. Capital is Nairobi. The GDP is $1100. That is average...

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