What is the proper email etiquette to reply to a person?

Let’s learn what is the proper email etiquette to reply to a person. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Email Etiquette - Signing off with your name?

Okay, so say you're conversing with an online friend...someone you haven't met, but also someone you speak to on a --somewhat-- regular occasion. You start off the first email like this: Tom, How are you? Hope all's well. Please let me know if I can pick up three of the bottles from you today. Regards, Jeff After the friend replies, do you have to keep signing off EACH email with -your- name and addressing him by -his- name at the beginning of the email? Where is the line drawn? If you address him...


In professional email etiquette, it is appropriate to begin an email conversation with formalities ...

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Email etiquette --- addressing a person with both First and Last Names?

Would it considered rude to send a response or a follow up email to a client/business partner (an external party) with both the recipient's first and last name? Take for example: From: Tim Tim To: Sue Smith Subject: Re: abcdefg issue Sue Smith, I have...


Yes. Either address them as Sue (if you know them reasonably well - which in business these days means...

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What is the proper etiquette for a letter of interest?

I am about to enter my final year in a B.S. Physics program. I have found a company in the same town as which I study and am very interested in completing an internship with them during the school year. They do not, however, have any job opportunities...


Snail Mail is your best bet, but spend the extra money and send it registered mail, directed to The...

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What are the rules of etiquette for exchanging email addresses?

I've always taken it for granted that an email address isn't as coveted as a person's home telephone number. But sometimes, when I've asked to exchange email addresses with a new aquaintence I've either been given excuses (my account is down) or have...


I have two levels of email... this yahoo one, which I use for business transactions, listservs, and...

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How to deal with email sent to your address incorrectly?

So I have what must be a fairly common name, and I get mail for other people with my name fairly regularly because I got lucky and landed "firstname.lastname@gmail.com" a long time ago. This is usually not a big deal, but today I got a subscription...


Delete it, block the sending address, and move on. If they want their porn that badly they'll type their...

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The Etiquette of Networking

Teach me how to make the most of this opportunity to network, while avoiding specific pitfalls like drooling on myself or saying dumb nervous things. Difficulty level: I don't currently work in the field, so people are going to be less interested in...


On your last point - YMMV depending on just how paranoid your employer is, but lots of people maintain...

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Business lunch etiquette

Business etiquette question - how to handle a request to chip in for a lunch I did not attend? A few weeks ago a former thesis advisor of mine from my graduate program (and someone I think very highly of) was invited to give a guest lecture at my current...


Email. "Hey, Boss -- saw this, figured there must be a mistake. I did not attend the lunch. Thanks...

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What is the etiquette for phones & ringtones in an office?

I work in a co-working space with folks who all have their mobile ringers turned on with the shrill "rotary phone" ringtone turned all the way up. Please help me write an email to solve this. I've worked with this group for about a year. They...


I'm laughing. I used to work with an asshole. He was insufferable and the cherry on his shit sundae...

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My husband and I received an emailed invitation, from my niece, to attend my sister-in-law's 50th birthday party aboard a Lake Ontario cruise boat on August 30th. The email advised that the cost is $60 per person plus a cash bar. We are to call the cruise...


By the standards of etiquette under which I was raised, asking guests at such a celebration to pay their...

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