What is the proper order of The U.S. colors?

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What order do the colors go in for a Ukrainian Easter egg? ?

I know I'm almost a week late, but I just got a new kit with more colors then I had before. I know it goes yellow, orange, red, then black. But now I have the same colors, and pink, a few shades of blue, greens, and a purple. What order do all my colors...


Never heard of any colour order. Dark red is usual for Easter eggs in Ukraine, they use onion peel as...

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What is the order of the colors of a cat5 straight-through cable?

What is the order of the 8 colors in a cat5 cable. I need to make a straight-through cable, and I am unsure in what order to put the wires in the cable. Could someone please help me.... the colors are blue, blue/white stripe, brown, brown/white stripe...


There are a number of standards for colour coding your cable but all that really matters is that the...

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Black, green, yellow, and red are the order of the usual colors for Rastafarian culture and beliefs.

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Who leads parades with the colors. What is the order of precedent?

During Memorial anfd the 4th of July what is the order of presenting the colors for veteran organizations. VFW, Legion etc?


Try posting this in Military;this is the Royalty thread about the monarchy.We Americans don't have a...

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What are the Crayola colors in order? (read description)

I'm making melted crayon art, and I have a 64 pack of Crayola crayons. What are the colors in rainbow order, by the name? Does anyone have a link that lists it? I know this a long shot but.... whatever :) Thank you so much!


ROY G BIV. But Ask won't like my submission. So I have to add some drivel after it!!

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What is the order of the colors in the rainbow?

My friend and I were wondering if there was a certain order that the colors in the rainbow for gay pride go in


ROY G BIV...Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet. That's the order :)

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What should the order of these colors be?

Pink, Blue, Green, and Purple. I don't know what order they should be in...


Blue, Green, Pink, Purple

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This was actually a question at the quiz night last week. I was nearly certain it was white. I was wrong...

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What kind of chalk do you use for sidewalk art? I mean the richer colors. Where can I get it/order online. Thx?

We like to draw on the pavement a lot at different parks, but we need some better colors. I have an almost 5-year old daughter and this is important to me. I think this is a great ...show more


Instead of the pastel colors provided for children to use look for "sidewalk chalk" https...

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What are the rasta/ bib marley colors in order?

I'm making spiral bracelets and I THINK the order is black, red, gold, and green. Please help n include the black color as an option cuz I searched sites asking this question n they never include black.


The black is for Africa. The red is for the blood of all living things in the world. The gold is for...

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