What kind of career can I get with a Political Science degree?

Let’s learn what kind of career can I get with a Political Science degree. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by apsanet.org.

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Careers in - American Political Science Association > Home

Careers In Political Science. Job ... Please view the full report here to see where an undergraduate or a graduate degree in political science ranks in terms ...


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Political science graduates may pursue careers in government as elected politicians, support staffers...

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What kind of career could I get with a bachelors degree in computer science?

Ok, so I am working on receiving my bachelors degree in Computer Science. When I finish that, I plan on getting an associates degree in Business and Management. What type of career ...show more


I suggest you consider a career in software testing. It combines the Computer Science arena with business...

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Tell me about a career/degree in information science...

I currently work in an administrative support job and I'm trying to move into a new career area. I think I might be interested in pursuing Information Science for a BA or Masters, and career. My questions are basically: 1) Is information science the...


I think you and I enjoy very similar kinds of work! I am an R-programming data wrangler working on customer...

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What kind of Engineering degree????? Aerospace,Chemical,Nuclear?

Okay, well I am currently a senior in high school applying for college. My dream job would be to design or work for NASA. I was kind of focused on Chemical Engineering for a while, but Aerospace has seemed to bring out a new insiration in me. I think...


NASA is excellent about offering a variety of solid internships, and then turning those into a job offer...

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Computer Science Degree without Math?

I'm looking at a Network and Computer systems administrator kind of job or career. I'm going to school in California and the only degrees offered to get me there seem to be a Computer Science degree which requires years of math. Do I have any other options...


Andrea - The Computer Science (CS) major and classes are primarily about programming and the Networking...

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How hard is it to get an engineering degree?

I'm doing math 11 and Chem 11... I'm a 20 year old, so I kind of screwed up academically already.  I was wondering how hard is it to get an engineering degree, how many hours per week does the average student spend studying and how smart is the average...


I had a full time job during my studies, which were full-time as well. When I graduated I learned someone...

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Could someone please explain what kind of jobs a psychology or social science degree would get me?

I have an associates degree in early childhood education but, after having my own kids I realize this isn't something I would like to do with my life. I was looking into getting a bachelor’s degree in either psychology or social science. The classes...


Your best bet would be to get a Bachelor in Social Work (BSW). This is a far more practical degree than...

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What kind of job can you get with a bachelor's degree in science?

I'm starting college and went ahead and made my area premedical science/dentistry. My mom was concerned with me not being able to get any kind of job with a bachelor's degree, and therefore said it was useless (and a waste of time), but that's not how...


Premed isn't a major. It's a series of introductory classes. Some science and science-related degrees...

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What kind of jobs can I get with an associates degree in life science?

I am going to a community college to get my first 2 years for the associates and then plan on transferring to a 4 yr. college to get my bachelors degree. After that I plan on getting into medical school, but I wanted to know what kind of job could I...


An associates is now a base or foundation to other degrees. It's good you're not going to stop at an...

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